Mombasa flag
The flag of Mombasa.
Motto: "Cat meat and witchcraft"
Civic anthem: Fundamentals by Ken Wa Maria
State UnFlag of Kenya.svg Kenya
Official language(s) Gentleman's Swahili, English
Mayor Some guy who migrated there from Somalia
Currency Kenyatta's shilling
“Mombasa? That's Hot.”
~ Paris Hilton on Mombasa

Mombasa is a city at the coast of the Empire of Kenya. It is widely known as the gathering place for white tourists wanting to take advantage of Kenyans working in the hotels across the city.

History Edit


A Portuguese man just hanging out in Mombasa.

Mombasa was founded by dwarfs from Portugal in early 895 BC. They traveled there to find diamonds, a goal which they accomplished, discovering the world's biggest diamond, an 88.9 carat whopper. After several decades, the town developed into being a big mining town. The rumors about the diamonds spread all over the world and soon England, France and Norway were all determined to take over Mombasa. Upon landing, the men of the three nations discovered the white sandy beaches of the coastal town. With finance from the diamonds of the Portuguese, the immigrants built hotels along the coast, which they used to subject the townspeople into slavery while they ate caviar and hamburgers imported from America in their restaurants. Mombasa continues to be a hotspot for tourists around the world wishing to unwind for the holidays, and to this day the townspeople continue to be subjected to slavery, which baffles the rest of the Empire of Kenya.