Mob anime

Mob perplexed at Allied Powered run society

Mob Psycho 100 follows a virgin hormone filled sociopathic teen boy with very high insecurity. The other much more interesting side characters are touched by Mob even though he has no feelings. The only feeling Mob has is pure rage at the allies. The only way he feels this is by reaching 100% sort of like filling a jar with money. Further implying how capitalism only leads to greed. This story is about the mafia hence the name ‘mob’. This was written by the same person who made One Punch Man (anti-American pro Aryan propaganda). Throughout the story, Mob convinces people not to use spooky magical powers on other people, but it is fine using it in other situations benefiting him. Even someone like Mob is affected by the evils of capitalism. Contrary to One Punch Man, this is set in a world where the axis power lost and the allies won. This story shows fine Italian men who otherwise would contribute to society turn into mafia by capitalist America.


Mob is a middle schooler who has no friends which is probably caused by his lack of feelings. His feelings were taken away by consumerism. In school everyone tries to take advantage of him since that is what capitalism promotes. But mob is a smart Italian and knows not to fall into the tricks of the Allies.

A kind spirit clearly sent by god tries to make Mob smile. Mob fights him and Dimple overshadowed by Mob’s powe joins Mob.Showing the complex hierarchy going on in the mafia.


A much smarter person then Mob. He is benefited by the capitalist government since he is a cheat and tricks people into spending money to partake in his massages. Reigen is the boss of Mob through sheer trickery, not power, skill or talent. Something promoted by the flawed ideals of the Allies.

The younger brother of Mob who, manipulated by capitalism, began taking advantage of other smaller mafia rings.


Mob in this story is being taken advantage of on many ends of the capitalist spectrum. In this time he manages to get some more recruits with spooky magical powers. Being the only way to survive in these harsh times. An organization, obviously the government tries to collect all of these magical people. It manages in capturing some of the low level members of Mob’s mafia gang. But Mon saves the day with his fascist superiors Axis regime.


Many inferior Otaku’s enjoyed this because they saw a virgin like them getting people on their side. But they failed to realize the deeper philosophical meaning and the allegory to the violence capitalism promotes. All they see is some stupid sweaty wet dream fantasy.


Once again masterful writing by One. He manages to show the advantage of fascism through smart case studies of worlds. In this he plays devils advocate and imagines a world with no facism. Showing how bad life is without Axis powers.