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Mix 101.1's logo. Ironically, this is also how they select their playlists.

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Mix 101.1 is a radio station in Melbourne, Australia who's announcers consist of people hyped up on caffine or people who have been sacked or rejected by other radio stations or other forms of communication.

edit So I say thank you for the music

Mix 101.1 plays a variety or music from the 80's, 90's and today and randomly selects their playlists every hour by placing CD's into a blender and seeing what comes out. Or what's in tact. Whatever comes first.

Though Mix 101.1 claims to play a variety of music from the 80's 90's and today, many of their listeners have noticed that their seems to be a bias towards 90's music. To make their critics shut the hell up set the record straight, Mix 101.1's producers released the following statement about how much music in each of the following categories was played over the last 6 months of transmission.

  • 25% from the 80's
  • 65% from the 90's
  • 25% from today.

It is important to note that none of the Mix 101.1 producers has completed year 7 or higher mathematics.

edit That lawsuit that no one seems to remember

Those who dont have amnesia (or who give a rats about Australian Politics) will remember a time when Australian broadcasting was sacred and important (those who have even better memories will have already realised that was total rubbish).

But that's besides the point. The point is that... during that time... where we weren't all drunk... you remember the... oh for FUCKS SAKE!

Yeah that one. It was a time where John Howard thought it would be a good idea to broadcast his plans for world domination no that's not it, ass sniffing, nope, plans for the country (that's it, stupid coffee make me lose my mind).

One of those really clever announcer guys decided that after he (Jonny Howard) gave his speech that he should pick the playlist for the next hour. Unfortunately, John got his balls stuck in the playlist generator (see image at start of article) and subsecently sued Mix-

We appoligse for the afore mentioned comment. Our lawyers have informed us that John Howard has no balls, hence making the entire previous statement false. We appologise for the misleading information. Please dont sue us You actually think they're going to believe that? HA!

edit That lawsuit that everyone remembers, but no one likes to speak about

In recent times, Mix 101.1 added a catch phrase to attract more listners. The phrase, Melbourne. Feel good, attracted many people at first, but perhaps not for the reasons that the producers were orginonally hopeing for.

When a group of tourists from Japan came to visit Melbourne, the listened to the radio station expecting something more 'stimulating'.

A law suit arrised from the situation, though the case went something like this:

Japenese Lawyer: This radio station wasted my clients time.

Judge: You're wasting my time. Case dismised.

edit Has anyone seen my coffee cup?

The day to day life of a worker at Mix 101.1 is a hard and oh so strenuous one which usually consists of the following activites;

  • Waking up the morning (arguably the hardest part of anyone's day).
  • Drinking that valuable first cup of coffee
  • Collecting at least 3 lawsuits from violence caused in the drive to work
  • Having another cup of coffee (from that McDonald's across the street)
  • Arriving at work (may involving scratching someone else's car in the parking lot from not yet being fully awake)
  • Getting a cup of coffee from the expresso machine.
  • Swearing at least 5 times as someone knocks over your cup
  • Swearing again as you realise its just stained your white shirt BECAUSE YOU SMELL FUNNY... not to mention the unpleasant burning.
  • For announcers, announcing stuff, and shamelessly advertising themselves (whilst having at least 10 cups of coffee during their shift).
  • Going home

A notice for all Americans reading: Australian coffee is piss weak compared to your stuff.

edit The 'set' announcers

edit The breakfast show

Hosted by this guy... what's his name... Tim and that woman... Tracy, whos was sacked by another melbourne radio station, yeah thats it.

edit During the day

This guy

edit The drive home

That guy

edit Every other part of the day

A robot with a stick to push the buttons that start the ads.

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