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Mike can refer to:

MikeMike AthertonMike Christ
Mike CosgroveMike Dirnt
Mike Gundy
Mike Holmgren
Mike Huckabee
Mike MyersMike OldfieldMike Patton
Mike PortnoyMike Read
Mike RutherfordMike Stephenson
Mike TysonMike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Mike can also mean:

  • Mike, my friend next door. The guy with the PS3. Do you remember him? You don't? But we spent all the night chatting! You don't remember him? The guy with the funny t-shirt? No, no, the other guy. The one who was dancing. No, he wasn't drunk. No, no, the other. Yes, no, no, he didn't have a limp leg. The one with the short hair. No, not that one, the other one. The guy with the, umm, what do you call those things... can't remember right now. Mike. FUCKING MIKE, for fuck's sake !!!
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