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Mika in his early days.

“He's on my side”
~ Perez Hilton after discovering Mika

Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr, lll (born on August 18, 1983), known as Mika, is a British Lebanese Syrian Jewish singer-songwriter. He made his debut in 2007 after lead guitarist Brian May of Queen went to a local bar in London where a young Mika was doing gigs with his band that consist of College drop outs and pot heads that he recall as "higher than a kite". At first Brian thought they were just College students looking for some quick cash to pay off their student loans (or for some kush) but then he realized how the kid sounded similar to Freddie Mercury. After recovering from his lost he appointed Mika the new Freddie Mercury.

edit Music career

After debuting his first studio album 'Life in... Whatever motion you want', he started to go on multiple tours around the world. Don't get him mistaken with the Scissor Sisters. He said in a 2008 interview when being compared to the group "Since when did I ever screwed my sister?".

Two years after his first studio album he released his second studio album 'The boy who knew George Washington'. When asked what's the big deal about this album and what made it any different he simply replied "It's about a boys journey through time and space".

edit Adulthood and the Voice

After disappearing from the face of the earth (returning to his home planet Lebanon to keep in touch with his species), he came back in 2012 with a third studio album 'The origin of Coca-Cola'. Interviewers never asked about any significance of the album knowing what the answer is going to be, so instead they requested Mika to sing one of his songs. With a goofy smile only a mother could love he sang his hit single 'Celebrate' along side Pharrell Williams (who was later charged for... well you know).

20170213 194445

Mikas face before the queen.

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In 2013, Mika was crowned the new judge for the Voice by the Queen of England. He couldn't be the judge for the Xfactor because Simon Cowell didn't want another british bloke sitting next to him. Mika explained in a 2013 interview how he always wished for this day to come true (prancing around like a 15 year old girl on sugar... and lots of it).

In 2015, he released his fourth studio album 'No place in Lollipop lane' (a homage to his song he released in 2007 called... well 'Lollipop lane'). Looking back at his career he sometimes wished he could redo everything quoting "Man was I high".

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