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See it? It's in the middle part.

Middle English is the type of English spoken in Middlesex, England. It is a dialect derived from Spanish that has remained unchanged since who-knows-when. Naturally, these people vote for the Conservatives every time, since they can't be bothered even to update their language.

The grammar of Middle English is not drastically different from that of modern English. However, the spelling and pronunciation can appear alien to the casual speaker.

edit Examples of Middle English

Middle English

We will travel to France next Friday.
VVe vville vvende to la Frence uponne la nexte Fridaye.
Kvath er thath hyar?.

Somewhere, a Middle English scholar is crying that this butchering of the beautiful language is taking place.
Soum-vvher, en Mittelengelische pedaunte est weepynge que ce butcherynge de la belle langue est happenynge.
Bliny pe-chow-nee-yay.

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