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Michael Rosen's latest invention

Michael Rosen is a well known British viral poet and Internet celebrity famous for saying "Noice" and "Can I have a drink?". Having made so many videos of his Poems, he gradually stepped up to the meme level and inspired people to make YTPs and YTP Collabs about his Poems and him himself. As of 2018, he has achieved a near cult status through YouTube technology. Rosen was able to become a star on YouTube as more and more creators started using clips from his videos and "Sentence Mixing" them as well as making YTP Collabs about the guy himself.

Early lifeEdit

Younger Rosen

Rosen at the age of 25.

Michael came about when his father's poem paper was accidentally inserted into his mother's printer and they said words. Michael was then produced from the printer. His father, a reclusive university professor specialising in Literacy, lived very much in the rebellious spirit of the period. He believed that children should be free to live without the pressure of their parents so they could be totally free spirits.

Rosen has a friend named Harrybo and an annoying brother. Rosen has once stated that he has an intense fascination with windmills, specifically the Skyfoogle.

When he was 1, he swam the English Channel. When he was 2, he did something. When he was 3, he started getting thinner. When he was 4, he ate the dog's dinner. When he was 5, he was in a band playing drums. When he was 6, he ate a bag of Plums. When he was 7, he did another thing. When he was 8, he became Prime Minister. When was 9, he closed all the schools (except for his). When he was 10, he was king of the fools.

Rosen's teacher in 5th Grade was so strict, you weren't allowed to breathe. The teacher would used to go out at the front saying "No Breathing!". The weak ones used to lean over and die while the older bastards would run to Lunch or Recess without taking note of the little guys. At the start of the year, there were 48 kids but at the end, only 5 survived (including Rosen himself).

After he graduated from college, he started to do poems and teach children stuff about Literacy on the BBC in the Late 60s and Early 70s. Rosen could now start his path to being a YouTube star. Of course though, since YouTube didn't existed in the 70s, he couldn't guess.

Minor to MajorEdit

Before Michael Rosen could begin his rise to poet dominance he spent some time bumming around the World and doing more of literacy for 2 more decades.

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