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Michael Jefferson
Michael Jefferson
Winning some kind of award
Background information
Birth name Michael Joseph Jefferson
Born August 29, 1958(1958-08-29)
Gary, Indiana, U.S.
Died June 25, 2009(2009-06-25) (aged 50)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genre(s) Pop, rock, new jack swing, adult contemporary, gospel, R&B, soul, funk
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, dancer, choreographer, actor, peace activist, businessman, philanthropist
Instrument(s) Vocals
Years active 1964–2009
Label(s) Motown, Epic, Legacy
Associated acts The Jefferson 5
Website www.southparkstudios.com
“All right, let's just say all the bad things said about Mr. Jefferson are lies. Let's just say the police do just go around spending their time framing people for crimes they didn't commit. Let's say it's all made up and Mr. Jefferson is just a nice guy who is trying to be a child because he never had a childhood. Well that's fine, except he has children now, and when people have children, they have to GROW UP!”
~ Kyle Broflovski on Michael Jefferson's child like tendencies.
“No! I am sick and tired of people harrassing Mr. Jefferson. All I've been hearing since Mr. Jefferson moved here are sick lies: that he molests children, that he's a bad father, that he had plastic surgery.”
~ Eric Cartman on Lies about Michael Jefferson
“People can say what they want about Michael Jefferson, but he is one hell of a bussinessman
~ Oscar Wilde on Michael Jefferson

Michael Jefferson (August 29 1958 - June 25 2009) born in Gay India is an American singer/song writer who is very well known world wide, HEE HEE! He has made several albums, including one just before his death. He was first in a band with his brothers called "The Jefferson 5" and then became a solo artist, Cha'mon, eee heee! Michael Jefferson has won many gay awards in his life time and pretty much screwed the music industry HEE HEE, OHHHH!

Aside all the good things you just read, he can be a little off at times. Some of his weird tendencies include yelling "HEE HEE" randomly while having a conversation and sometimes he will yell "Cha'mon" which is a deliberate mispronounciation of the words "Come on". He also likes to climb trees and ride trains. Some may find this weird for an adult but all is well, especially if you're as rich as Mr.Jefferson, Cha'mon!

Michael Jefferson has also been the victim of racist police officers, Although Michael Jefferson looks white, he is in fact black and rich, and police officers hate rich black men, HEE HEE, for some reason. There have been two reported incidents of Michael Jefferson being framed for crimes he did not commit.

As you read, I hope you get a good understanding of the man that is Michael Jefferson. You will learn about his life, music, career, and controversies. HEE HEE, CHA'MON MOTHA FUCKA!

edit Early life and Jefferson 5

edit About the Jefferson 5

Michael Jefferson was born on August 29 1958 in Gary Indiana, son of Joe and Katherine Jefferson. Michael grew up in a musical gifted family with a ton of brothers and sisters. His brothers had a band called the Jeffersons/Jefferson 5. One day the family discovered that Michael had talent as a singer so they made him the lead singer of the band, probably the only good descision that Joe had ever made. The band was very successfull, The boys worked very hard, due to the fact the they would have their asses beat by joe if they messed up. The Jefferson 5 was signed with Motown where they would get worse beatings for messing up, which was quite frequant thanks to the oldest brother, Jermaine. The band went on for a long time, Michael Jefferson was a part of it even while he was a solo artist until 1985 or something like that.

edit Michael Jefferson's Childhood

As you may or may not know, Michael Jefferson had a very bad chidhood. He never got to play with the other kids, He was always working and got beaten. Many believe this is what affected his mental state in his later years which made him act so child like and what gave him the desire to always want to be with children. Michael thinks its ignorant how people don't research his childhood before they judge him or even ask him about some of the odd things that he often denies.

edit Solo Career

edit Discoverography

That Disco Album: Disco and Funk

Zombie Album: Pop, Rock, and R&B

Good: Pop

Saftey: New Jack Swing, Rock Ballads, and Pop. The last one before things got wierd.

Crappy Compilation Album with a few new songs: Same as above, but with some new songs, most of them expressing Michael Jefferson's anger.

Blood On The Bathroom Floor: A Remix of the new songs from Crappy Compilation Album with a few new songs with a few new ones aswell.. seeing a pattern?, some one is losing his edge..

God Complex: Techno Funk, Piano, Jazz, and Slow Rock.

Untitled: INCOMPLETE, The Singles listed later, below, are part of this soon to be album along with some new unreleased songs.

edit The Zombie Album

Zombie Jefferson

A clip from the music video "The Really Long Zombie One"

At one point in History, Michael Jefferson was one of the most popular celebrities in the world. His world wide phenomenon phase began in 1982, With the release of his new album, "Zombie Album" and his new look, The fame from this lasted to about 1985 or 1986. Durring the good years he would often record songs with other artist mainly ones from Motown. In many people's oppinions, his life went down hill when his hair caught fire durring the filming of a Pepsi commercial. In the good years it was not uncommon to see him on a day time Tv talk show like Jesus and Pals. An aspect that made Michael Jefferson so popular, was that he was very mysterious and wasn't wierd yet.

Michael Jefferson is probably best known for his famus song and music video: "The Really Long Zombie One" which is a 15 minute long music video where Michael Jefferson portrays a zombie and dances around while harrasing some girl, and yes it is pretty dang redicoulus. Michael Jefferson is also known for his excellant stage performances and his perfectionism in his work, and is by far the greatest solo artist of his, if not all time. His different albums incorperate different sounds and genres of music.

edit Whos Good?

-Not Michael's tabloid press....

Around the release of the album "Good" is when some people started to wonder "what the hell?" His skin was lighter and he now had a butt chin, it was obvios that he has been having plastic surgery. No, wait, thats ignorant, why would you say such a thing? The album "Good" was an over all success with music videos and all.

edit Saftey

The end of an era, yes it is true that this was the last work that would be released under good circumstances. The lead single "Am I Black or White" was very catchy yet infuriating to many, it seemed like he was mocking us with that sort of question, cause nonw of us could really answer it. This album's success lasted to 1993 when Michael Jefferson was accused of molesting children.

edit Crappy Compilation Album with a few new songs

As we all know, this album is where Michael started loosing his "edge" if you will. The album had two disc, One with old material that everyone has already heard, and one with new songs that expressed Michael's great rage.

edit Blood On The Bathroom Floor

This album was probably, with no disrespect, his worst album, it mainly consisted of D.J. remixes of the new songs from the album "Crappy Compilation Album With a Few New Songs" with a few new songs aswell, in which the title song is about O.J. Simpson. A music video was made for "Blood On The Bathroom Floor" but O.J. refused to participate because the lyrics were about how it was obvios that O.J. was guilty. The songs lyrics implied that people should worry about O.J. and not himself. Many thought that Michael was using O.J. as a scapegoat, just like how Nazi Germany used the Jews as a scapegoat for thier problems. What a low blow!

edit God Complex

The last complete album released in his life time. "God Complex" was the first full length album released since "Safety" and was suprizing to many. This was gonna be his leverage into retriving his damaged career, but as usuall, things went wrong. The record company, Sony, decided to not support Michael's album in hipes that his career would fail, so they could make money off Michael's failure. Fortuenetly for Michael two music videos were made (Only appears in one). Michael alson made a benifit song to help raise money for the 9/11 victims, but Sony refused to release it due to thier current bitterness towards Michael. Apparently proving a point was more important than helping resolve a world issue. In conclusion to this paragraph, I would like to say to Sony, go fuck yourselfs.

edit The Incomlete Album

Michael Jefferson Portrait

Michael Jefferson in his video "Lets Ride the Train"

Michael Jefferson was working on a new tour and album just before he died, the following singles were released before he died.

1. Have You Been Up My Wishing Tree?

2. Lets Ride The Train

3. Peter Pan

4. We All Have The Power To Change

5. Little Girl

These songs were very successfull, expecially after he died. His popularity sky rocketed after death, With the singles released was one music video for the song "Lets Ride The Train" which consist of Michael and one of his younger friends riding a train. The Video was released early on an account that he died. Cha'Mon.

edit Controversies

Michael Jefferson has been the center of many controversies, some redundant and irrelevant and others being a tad more signifigant, but not much, Cha'mon! These controversies have damaged Michael's career a little but they have also gave him a lot of media attention.

edit Child Abuse

A major issue to many is the two casses of child molestation, this has been resolved that the police framed him because he was black, unfortuenetly, many still doubt his inocense. An irrelevant issue is alligations of plastic surgery, is it obvious?, yes!!!but his denials is what makes it so entertaining to people who have nothing better to do.

edit Ethnicity

Michael Jefferson on Jesus and Pals

Michael Jefferson, back in the day on the Tv talk show, Jesus and Pals.

Michael Jefferson's ethnicity is a question to many, he is "on paper" or "Legally" an african american, but he appears to you and me as a white man. There are several theories behind this. That he was black and suffered from a desise known as vitiligo, that he bleached his skin, or it could have been a birth defect. Even though it is well known that Michael Jefferson was once black, many conspiracy theorist believe that Michael Jefferson was captured by aliens in 1985 and replaced by one of their own so they could influence the population.

edit The "Blanket" Issue

Some time when he was living in South Park, Michael danled Blanket over a balcony. Michael claims that your ignorant for saying that it was a bad thing to do, and he defends himself saying he was just trying to show blanket off.


RIP Michael Jefferson

R.I.P. Michael Jefferson

Sadly, Michael Jefferson passed in the summer of 2009. Many will miss him and his music will live forever. Although, there were some issues and wierdness, Michael will be remembered for his music career and his charity work. It is widely assumbed that he was killed by an assassin hired by the Illuminati.

edit Fans denial of death

When Michael died, many fans did not beliebe it and thought it was just tabloid bull shit cause he was sent to the hospital. It was a great few hours of anziety for die hard fans. Even today some do not believe he is dead, which he most certainly is, but those people are just nutty conspiracy theorist who have no lives.

edit Michael's denial of death

as odd as it may sound, Michael was in denial about his death for quite some time, hw haunted a little boy nammed Ike, and possesed his body so he could dress as a girl and win a beauty pagent. After Michael won, he went back to the after life.

edit See Also

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