Funny thing about blackmail, the forgiving parent who tells their kid that they are going to the police unless they quit doing drugs is actually a criminal. Yup, you heard that right. It doesn’t even need to be anything illegal; it’s really just threatening to gossip unless a condition is met, be it money, property or the very loosely defined services. This makes blackmail the single most common crime world wide that most parents of delinquent children and wives of cheating husbands should technically be doing jail time for the felony of conditional forgiveness, if you're going to play legal hardball. Dislike the hentai on your husband’s cellphone and know his boss wouldn’t like having an employee branded a lolicon lover on facebook? If you verbally give him a second chance to atone for his mistakes and amend your relationship, or else, than legally it’s you who are the crook, not him. We all knew justice was blind, but she's apparently deaf, dumb and cold too.

This article is racist. So are you.