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Michael Ball -Cardiff 21Oct2006
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Michael Ashley Ball (born 27 June 1962 in a little village in England called 'Lucky Go Musical Land') is a British actor in Musical Theater known most famously for his strong use of portamento and vibrato and has been accused several times by Ethel Merman of not being able to sing, resulting in Ethel trying to give him a singing lesson, to which Michael's reply was to pin Ethel up to the barricade and don his fat suit and dress. Michael is one of the prophets of Musical Theatre and has often been referred to by British fans as the best thing since Margaret Thatcher was thrown off a cliff by Nelson Mandela

edit Early Life

It was obvious from day one that Michael would take the world by storm, his strong vibrato could be heard way above the hills and if you listened carefully you could hear a slight Country & Western feel to the noise. As a boy he was very careful about who he made friends with, resulting in him only making friends with himself and is reported to have often talked to himself, and to his pet bread finger coated in marmite. His theatre training was at VIIIIIIIIIIIIbrato et le POOOOOOOOooooortamendo Academy of Overprivilaged Theatre here he often was teased by his fellow students for having very wavvy hair, little did they know Andrew Lloyd Webber loved wavvy hair and that meant he was guaranteed to succeed in the industry

edit Michael's Special Tuesday's


Unbeknown to everyone untill recently, as he took the role of Edna in the musical Hairspray, Michael is a keen crossdresser and every Tuesday dresses up in any kind of women's clothes he can find. He can often be found in charity shops browsing the selection of dresses. This behaviour was finally brought out of the closet when Michael confessed to the world and put on a dress every night, as a so called job. This behaviour has spawned the saying 'But not Tuesday's' Many fans of Michael's do crossdress and watch Michaels DVD performances on Tuesday's hence making them unavailable to do anything else on this blessed day

edit Career

Over the years Michael has appeared in a range of musical, flaunting his portamento and vibrato in each. He originated the role of Marius in Les Miserables, part of his contract meant every time a new actor came to take this role Michael had to judge them to see if they were good enough, judging in three catagories, Vibrato, Portamento and what he likes to call 'Michael Appeal' basically how much alike himself they are.

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