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You might think it's funny, but these guys' livelihoods are at stake.

Welcome to the Megadeth Lineup Pool, the best place on Uncyclopedia to bet on how long the current Megadeth lineup will last.


None of these rules will be enforced. Obey them at your own risk.

  1. Each entry into the pool costs one unit of the imaginary currency of your choice. When the member in question is fired from Megadeth, the winner will take the entire pot for that member (minus a %10 cut to the house) and a dinky userpage template or something. Each member is treated as a separate pool.
  2. You may enter once per band member per month, as often as you wish. (You may choose to ignore the "per month" rule if you like. It's your imaginary money.)
  3. The winner is calculated using reverse Price is Right rules. The winner is the closest bet that is not early. In the event of two somewhat right answers, the more specific wins, so feel free to bet on "some time this century" if you like being correct and losing anyway.
  4. --~~~~.
  5. You may not play this game if you are Dave Mustaine, for obvious reasons.

Place your bets here

For now, just stick when you think each member will get kicked out and your signature in the appropriate section. Don't worry about the format. If we decide on a nicer format, someone will clean it all up.

Chris Broderick

Chris Broderick
January 2008 - ???


Chris Broderick is the newest member of the Megadeth family. As a guitarist, he could be described as "like Marty without the abject fear of music theory". Before joining Megadeth, Broderick was a YouTube attention whore and a member of Jag Panzer. He also liked to hang out with Nevermore on stage with his guitar, leading many to believe he was a member of the band from 2000 on, even though he is on none of the band's albums from that period.

Money in pot: 4 units of imaginary currency

Shawn Drover

Shawn Drover
October 2004 - ???

United Abominations

Shawn Drover is the older brother of guitarist Glen Drover. Prior to Megadeth, he'd never been in a band without his brother.

Money in pot: 4 units of imaginary currency

David Ellefson

David Ellefson
1983-2002, 2010-???

Killing Is My Business...        
        And Business Is Good!
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
So Far, So Good... So What!
Rust in Peace
Countdown to Extinction
Cryptic Writings
The World Needs a Hero

"David Ellefson belongs in Megadeth." --Dave Mustaine, February 8th, 2010

Hasn't helped him before.

Money in pot: 2 units of imaginary currency

  • Dave'll stay in the band now until Dave or Dave OD's on heroin. -OptyC Sucks! Icons-flag-us CUN00:55, 11 Feb
  • When he decides he isn't getting payed enough a month from now. --Drrampenstein 03:12, February 12, 2010 (UTC)


The Mustaine / Broderick / LoMenzo / Drover lineup lasted 2 years and 25 days before LoMenzo was kicked out and replaced by Ellefson.

James LoMenzo

James LoMenzo
Febuary 2006 - February 2010

United Abominations

Six months after James LoMenzo joined Megadeth, Mustaine said of him "Two nights ago I was finally able to let go of David Ellefson. I had always compared everyone to him that followed him, but two nights ago, I realized that James is my new soulmate on bass guitar. I absolutely stand by him as my new best buddie!"  This led many to speculate that LoMenzo was not long for the band. However, Mustaines "new best buddie" has managed to hold onto his position in the band for over two years, making him the second-longest-lasting Megadeth bassist. Prior to Megadeth, LoMenzo was in a whole lot of Glam bands.

Money in pot: 3 units of imaginary currency

  • As soon as the heroin wears off. -OptyC Sucks! Icons-flag-us CUN20:09, 13 Aug
  • as soon as some one steals his hair dye. come on, he aint naturally blonde.--Dedman88 01:04, 2 October 2008 (UTC)
  • Once everyone in the audience realizes that he's not the J.Lo they came to see... or want to see come... O_o --LinkTheGameFreak Bitch here
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