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STOP! Before you upload here, make sure to read and follow the image use policy.

To view or search previously uploaded images, go to the list of uploaded images, the MIME search, or the most linked images. Uploads are logged on the upload log. To upload a new version of an existing image, you are encouraged to overwrite the old version (when applicable). Unused or duplicate images you've uploaded may be put on the QVFD if you need them removed.

Use the form below to upload new image files for use in illustrating your pages.

The preferred formats are JPEG for photographic images, PNG for drawings and other iconic images, and MP3 or OGG for sounds. Please name your files descriptively to avoid confusion. To include the image in a page, use a link in the form [[File:file.jpg]] or [[File:file.png|alt text]] or [[Media:file.ogg]] for sounds. Select the file from your local system using the "Browse" button. Specify a different filename in the "Destination filename:" field (optional).

In the "Summary" box, please include a brief description of the image, as well as copyright status (from the dropdown menu). Do not upload a picture that is not licensed under Creative Commons. If you absolutely must break the rules, please give credit to the image creator, and provide a source link as to where it came from.

Pornographic/shock/gore images which are clear copyright violations and/or which serve little satirical purpose WILL be deleted without warning. You may be blocked from uploading if you abuse the system.

Some existing formatting images you might use instead: blank 1x1 pixel | blank white square/rectangle/portrait | black dot/spot/square

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