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  • Routine
  • Author request
    • Blanked by author
    • Deleted per author request
    • Deleted from userspace at request of user
  • Vanity/notability
    • Cyberbullying (naming individuals who are not celebrities)
    • Subject is not notable to general Uncyclopedia readers
    • Subject is not found on Wikipedia and is probably vanity
    • Personal opinion rather than an attempt at humor. Please blog at MySpace
    • Drama/trolling/provocation
    • Spam
    • Commercial spam. Don't use Uncyclopedia to advertise your business or website
  • Other crap content (If from a registered user, consider userspacing and/or contacting)
    • Lifted from Wikipedia. If it will take time to complete this, use userspace
    • So flagrantly awful it is not even worth a tag: QVFD worthy.
    • Uncyclopedia is NOT Twitter: Requires content to survive, more than one paragraph.
    • Author relies on trite memes supposed to be funny with no additional work
    • Not written in English. If you plan to translate this, use userspace
    • Article is all lists and no creative, original humor. Read HTBFANJS
    • No humor detected. Read HTBFANJS
    • Patented nonsense
    • Extreme crudeness without a comedy purpose
    • Vandalism
    • Obvious violation of copyright without adding original comedy
    • Re-creation of deleted article. Use userspace until improved beyond the deleted version
  • Administrative/technical
    • ICU expired
    • Abandoned WIP
    • Anonymous users don't get talk pages. Please select a user name.
    • Don't create pages in someone else's userspace. (If it is you, log in to avoid ambiguity.)
    • Stale pee removal
    • Unused template
    • Empty category
    • Category moved
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