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Max Stirner was a very bad man. He is was one of the founders of Anarchism and a founder of punk rock. His philosophy was one of Nihilism combined with Satanism. He is famous for urging chaos, disorder, lots of Sex,and drug use.

Early years

As soon as Max was born, the local priest claimed the child to be the Antichrist. He was the kind of kid who stepped on bugs for fun. At sun day services he randomly yelled out "This is motherfucking BORING!". This behavior alienated him and he realized he needed a new hobby. When he got into college he found this hobby in philosophy and drugs.

Student of Hegel

In college Max was taught by Georg Hegel. Hegel's Pong based philosophy influenced the young man deeply. When not in the class room, he learned things that he thought more important. Mainly how to party. He learned kitten huffing from the master himself:This Guy, he learned the art of Sex from both Paris Hilton and Oscar Wilde (sometimes at the same time), and he perfected his studies in evil when he met Emperor Palpatine. While he never was a sith officially, Stirner was a big influence to Palpatine(kill the younglings). He also bonded with other students of Hegel including Karl Marx. Eventually they had changes in thought and Marx went in one direction (Communism) and Stirner in another (Anarchism). They remained friends until Stirner called Marx a pussy.

Fuck Hegel

Max's new Nihilist philosophy made him write the only book anyone really cares about by him called The Ego and It's Own. In this book Stirner said "Do what ever you want. He also modified Hegel's ideas. "Pong is Chaotic, if you go into the system you can reprogram with it. Break the rules.


Stirner died of drug overdose. Nobody came to his funeral.

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