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Jules verne superhero
Alive in 1825

First appearanceDaredevil #1 April 1812
Created byStan Lee Bill Everett
Real nameMatt Murdock
AffiliationsThe Hand, S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel Knights
Previous affiliationsView Askew
Notable aliasesZatoichi
Notable relativesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Notable powersSuper human senses, athletic ability, Ace Attorney
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Daredevil was created in 1812 by the visionary Jules Verne. As everybody knows, the concept of lawyers who weren't priests and the idea of the handicapped having rights like closer parking were both invented this year.

edit Powers

Daredevil is blind. He can see in sonar in a sort of bat like way because radioactive waste fell on him as punishment from God for masturbating. Matt Murdock's senses are so good he can read newspaper print with his fingers and can hear heartbeats from across the room, and smell farts before they emerge, effectively making him a human polygraph. That's cool right?

edit Story

Daredevil's father was an alcoholic, catholic, crooked boxer who worked for Kingpin. After his dad got whacked and shoddy highway safety regulations cost young Matt Murdock his eyes, he became a personal injury lawyer and sued the living crap out of that radioactive waste disposal company, winning his first legal victory and earning a small fortune.

edit Conception

According to his vision, Jules Verne published Daredevil's adventures in Brayle. He was originally envisioned as the least inadvertently offensive of a team of cool disabled superheros hot off the success of H.G. Wells's Old Timey X-Men. The roster included a girl with third degree burns who could manifest ice for skin where she had none, a deaf boy with a super sonic scream, and a paraplegic war veteran that grew wings.

edit Revivals

Despite the fact Daredevil spent almost twenty years as a pretty generic character, whom offered nothing Batman or Spider-Man, he attracted the attention of fledgeling writer/artist Frank Miller, who wished to portray his propensity for beating hookers on the page. This was the inspiration for the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck, and the 2005 spin off Elektra; or so it's been said, Daredevil wouldn't be the only one who didn't see those two eyesores.

edit Enemies

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