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[[Image:Homer.gif|thumb|right|230px|<center>'''This is how you do it.'''</center>]]
[[Image:Homer.gif|thumb|right|230px|<center>'''This is how you do it.'''</center>]]
'''Masturbation''' is, by far, the most idiotic solo activity among people who attempt to deny doing it. Depending on who your partner is, masturbation is the cheapest, simplest form of entertainment, and has recently [[cripple]]d the board games market. Masturbation usually sounds like this: '''"FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP"'''. An additional '''"FAP"''' means that he/she is in fact [[kitten huffing]]. Aside from occasional references on most [[CBS]] programs, masturbation is quite hidden in terms of popular culture. The [[Rolling Stones]]' ''Wankwankwankwank'' (sung to the tune of Paint it Black), for example, is one of the few songs which references masturbation, as, quite simply, no one wants to admit it.
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This is how you do it.


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