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A recent picture of Marjory Basing-applepuddingstoke

Marjory Basing-applepuddingstoke (born February 31, 1921 in Milchester, UK) is the famousest fortune teller in England at this moment. She has predicted many things in her lifetime (most of them were wrong of course.)

edit History

Marjory had a very poor childhood growing up in the small town of Milchester living with her step-mother, five thousand half-brother-sisters and a waxwork model of her father so at the age of twelve she decided to quit school which she had been attending since she was thirteen, pack up away from her step-mother's tiny house and start a new life two doors along from her. Her step-mother never heard from her ever again.

At the age of sixteen Marjory later moved to a larger house in a more urban area of Milchester and found a dusty book in the cupboard which she said was called How to Predict the Future with How to Make Money scored out with a black felt tip pen. This was when she informed the local paper The Milchester Chronicle that she had predictions about what her future would hold, her prediction was that she would be come a professional fortune teller. This came true and she started selling her predictions to The Milchester Chronicle for £1000 every prediction whether right or wrong.

Two years later national papers started showing an interest and she started making predictions for £10000 a prediction. She soon became a national celebrity. This was when she got her first prediction wrong. She predicted there would never be a Second Great War a day before World War II began. When a reporter asked her how she got it wrong the next day she defended this prediction saying:

"Since my prediction was so close in time before the event, my prediction was blinded by how close it was. I can only see things that are far away in the future."
The same reporter asked how she carried out her predictions. Marjory said:
"Well the night before my prediction I go to bed early. In the morning when I wake up I look at my bank account and all the predictions come flooding into my head like water."

Later that morning she decided to retire early and live off her money until the war ended. The day the war ended she informed the papers she had a massive prediction to tell the world. She told the papers of the world that there would be a Third World War in 1966.

Two years later the Armenian President Harry Truman invited her to be the official fortune teller of the USA so she moved to Washington DC. She was official fortune teller for the USA from 1947-1963 and she was also taken under the wing of Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald McDonald and later John F Kennedy.

In 1948 she made her largest prediction ever while in the White House. She predicted that the world will end on April 8th 1988 and from 1978 until the end of the world the world would celebrate Macaroni Tuesday.

In 1963 she was removed from the White House after she predicted that an American president would never be assassinated a day before John F Kennedy was assasinated. The same day she had also made a prediction that the Russians might or might not win the Cold War.

She went into a recluse for fear of her life by the hands of the Russians. She went back to sending predictions over to Britain while remaining hiding in another country. When April 5th 1988 came the end of the world didn't come. She defended this prediction by saying

"Well I did say after a slight interuption, maybe it's a few years."

In 1991 after the fall of the USSR she came out of hiding and revealed she had been hiding in Western Bavaria the whole time. She began collecting her pension in 1996 and preceded to regain her popularity she had had while in the White House. She made many predictions in the late 90's that didn't come true. This however didn't decrease her popularity. In 2003 she was given an OBE by the Queen for her work in... eh... predicting stuff wrongly.

She is now at the age of 84 and is currently living in her old house in the urban part of Milchester, still creating predictions. She predicted correctly that the world would end in 2005.

edit Criticisms

Some criticisms of Marjory Basing-applepuddingstoke is "she is only in it for the money". Some questions asked by critics are "how is she still famous even though half of her predictions have been wrong".

Some famous criticisms include the following:

I was bored that day so giving her an OBE gave me something to do instead of attacking people for insulting swans.
-Queen Elizabeth II, after giving Marjory her OBE

Well Truman was wrong to include her in the White House. I certainly wouldn't include her in the White House! [annoying laugh]
-George W Bush

Well I think it is terrible how she has became famous. I actually do a good job for society and don't even get a quarter of what she is paid.
-Geoff Basing-applepuddingstoke, one of her unfamous brothers

edit Some predictions that came true

  • 1937 - That she would become a professional fortune teller. (Came true when she became a fortune teller not long after.)
  • 1950 - Eh... that she would become old one day. (Came true in 1996 when she got her first pension)
  • 1951 - She would need to wear glasses at some stage in her life. (Came true in 1991 when she found she was a little short sighted)
  • November 21st 1963 - The Russians will probably lose or win the Cold War. (Came true when they lost the Cold War)
  • 1966 - She might have some turkey for dinner on December 25th 1967. (Came true when she had some turkey for Christmas dinner that day. She enjoyed it.)

  • 2005 - The world will end on 15th December 2005. (The world did end on this date.)

edit Some predictions that didn't come true

  • August 31st 1939 - There will not be a Second Great War after the Great War had such an impact on people.
  • May 8th 1945 - World War III will begin in 1966 and the only country you'll have heard of that will be in it is Holland.
  • 1948 - The world will end April 5th 1988 after a slight interruption.
  • 1948 - The world will celebrate Macaroni Tuesday on every April 5th from 1978 until the end of the world in 1988.
  • November 21st 1963 - An American president will never be assainated.
  • 1988 - The world will end April 5th 1989 after a slight interruption.
  • 1989 - The world will end April 5th 1990 after a slight interruption.
  • 1990 - The world will end April 5th 1991 with no interruption.
  • 1991 - The world will end April 5th 1992 after a light interruption.
  • 1993 - The world will definitely end on April 5th 1994!
  • 1994 - The world will prepare to end from 1994-2004 before ending in 2005.
  • 1998 - That Harry Potter book will not get any money.
  • 1999 - The Y2K bug will case us to de-evolve and become amoeba again.
  • 31st March 1999 - That she would find 'The One'.
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