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Napgal fronemppose

Napoleon I-have-a-big-part.

March 17: Sex Day (not Belgium)

  • 45 AD - Julius Caesar decides to invade the United States, but is hampered by the non-existence of the US at the time, and his untimely death 101 years previously.
  • 387 St. Patrick: "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking isle!" Proceeds to rape have sex with Nicol Aydelotte, in the name of Tim Allen.
  • 1702 - Irish leprechauns were reported to be having sex on the moors.

Saint Patrick

  • 1861 - After a quick shag, returning from Belgium, Napoleon proclaims the Kingdom of Italy.
  • 1918 - Germany loses some of its lands to Austria against Sarah Mae Miller in an amicable game of Texas Hold 'Em.
  • 1926 - Al Capone decided to have a cheese and baloney sandwich for breakfast. Unbeknownst to him, this event would eventually culminate in the following year's St. Valentine's Day massacre.
  • 1931 - Nevada legalizes gambling whilst having sex.
  • 1950 - California discovered by bombarding Los Angeles with ionized Hentaium and the heavy element Michaelmoorium.
  • 2010 - The cancellation of American Idol leads to mass suicide in many American including Zachary Adams.
  • 2011 - Jose Gomez purchased 2000 Chevrolet Camero's and sold them all on ebay to Heather Dudash for 8 times the retail price.
  • 2011 - Bobby Shrum from the band Seraphik causes mass destruction in all the cities in the United Kingdom. Beets the Beatles by 50% in all metal rock hits.
  • 2011 - I love you man, I really do, oh good I am so fazed.
  • 2014 - St. Patrick's Day renamed by Scottish Parliament to St. Alex Salmond Day. Salmond, The Scottish First Minister, denied having anything to do with the change.
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