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The Police were a pseudo-music band in the late 1970s and early 1980s, created to undermine the revolutionary threat of punk rock and replace it with a unique fusion of other genres: New Wave, post-punk, pop, reggae, ska, jazz, and spoken word. The people behind this were so proud of their achievements that they eagerly advertised their consumer-dance-capitalism by calling themselves The Police; their other working names were New Scotland Yard and Plod.

The group were originally formed in 1977 as a black operation by CIA agent Miles Copeland (codename: "Deus") and his brother Stewart Copeland (codename: "Animal"). They recruited a British operative, Gordon Sumner (codename: "Sting"), and French agent Henri "Henry" Padovini (codename: "Napoleon"). Later on when Padovini developed a complex, Andy Summers (codename: "Bleach") was brought on to prevent the group from giving up and returning to civilian life.

The genesis of the group came via a chance discussion between Miles and Stewart Copeland's father Miles Copeland II and his CIA boss James Jesus Angleton; they meet at a party organised by J. Edgar Hoover. (more...)

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  • ... that Elon Musk is a wimp for only going to Mars by 2022 whereas we were already able to visit Saturn in 1939? (pictured)
  • ... that 9/11 might not have ever happened if dates had not been invented?
  • ... that a 40 foot tall pine tree is almost always taller than a 30 foot tall one?
  • ... dihydrogen monoxide is a substance found in car exhaust, pesticides, acid rain, and YOUR ENERGY DRINK!?!?!
  • ... that no one ever reads these sentences all the way to the end, except for a select few, who have the diligence and patience, and are bored enough, to read to the very end of these very long, dull and uninteresting sentences?
  • ... The Rapture came and went and left behind everyone except for six people and an aardvark?
  • ... that abstinence is only 99.999% effective?

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David Beckham in traditional pose.

January 18: Wenns Day (aka Humping Day)

  • 853 - General Ackbar ruins his voice by yelling, 'It's a trap!!' too many times during the Dark Ages.
  • 1610 - God divinely inspires Sidney Trammell; Trammell doesn't notice for another two years.
  • 1321 - Every chicken in the world mysteriously circumnavigates the globe in the middle of the night, returning to the same spot where they were the previous evening.
  • 1778 - James Cook is the first known European to discover the Sandwich Islands, which are later renamed the 'Tunny Fish Sandwich Islands', then 'Tuna Sandwich with Chips Islands', 'Tuna Sandwich with Chips and a Drink (no ice) Islands', and 'Japan's Target Islands' before eventually becoming the 'Hawaiian Islands'. James Cook would go on to become a menu item himself.
  • 1952 - The first issue of Mad Magazine is thrown in the garbage by your mom.
  • 1990 - The Humpty Dance is the #1 song in America. Depressing, eh?
  • 1996 - The Spice Girls declare their hatred for the West. Angry Wurzels fans retaliate.
  • 2000 - David Beckham is transformed from human being into a brand.
  • 2002 - Filmmakers are forced to change the title of their footie movie Bent Like Beckham.
  • 2008 - Cloverfield hits theaters across America. Unfortunately for New York, the movie is based on a true story.

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Pontius pilot

The Pontius Pilot is infamous for some functionality issues. One typical complaint is that the Microsoft Crucifixion program often crucified incorrect and important data, such as the Messiah. Thankfully for its users, the file would miraculously reappear two days later after descending to the Recycle Bin, not three as some mathematically illiterate biblical scholars would tell you.

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