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Fan fiction is a type of "writing style" which immediately makes you look like a loser at life. Despite it being a tempting idea to make one of your own. Let's avoid it and call it a day instead. You're not going to succeed, and creating one just lowers your self-importance and turns you into a mindless drone of Fandom. Getting published for Creative Nonfiction and having a public domain fandom to work with, if you get published for this you might gain more respect than snagging characters that are not yours. That simple, it's stealing you damned fantard and trademark infringement.

Just quit it already. Work with a real word process and write creative nonfiction, there are things just too fucked up that you just cannot make up. No really go look up Not The Babylon Bee if you don't believe us. Invest in grabbing a free word processor somewhere and display your rejection letters from Liquid Imagination. (Fan fiction...)

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Did you know...

  • ... that in China, there is no MySpace, but a communist alternative? (pictured)
  • ... that reading this section is a severe waste of time?
  • ... that the dolphin is the only animal other than man that laughs at its own farts?
  • ... when Pong! the Movie was released alongside other video game genre releases like The Super Mario Brothers Movie and Resident Evil, it did not play out well in the box offices?
  • ... that the A Train is "a" train?
  • ... that you use only 10% of your brain?
    • ... and everyone else uses 100%?
  • ... that I don't know that you don't know that I don't know that you don't know nothing?

In the news:

On this day...

Kuntry'stein by adj

February 19: Equation Day (Pieland)

  • 1200 BCE: $ Pi*e/(mc2=Pie/e=3.14159_ad-infinitum $
  • 500 BCE - $ China+gunpowder(stupid)=great+wall $
  • 33 BCE - $ jesus+2(knock)=it*s(jesus)+lol $
  • 1200 AC - $ Pie*e*Pi*3.14*3=14159_ad-infinitum $
  • 1200 DC - $ PPie*Ee*P*i1.337*69=14159_ad-infinitum $
  • 1300 CD - $ 1+1=1154 $
  • 1337 ACDC - $ Life+Universe+Everything=42 $
  • 1984 BC - $ (smokingdope + alreadystoned) <> gettinghigher $
  • 1985 BC - $ (smokingdope + alreadystoned) == lowerondope $
  • 2400 - $ (adam + eve)+ oven= pi (adam not got enough pi (adam+eve+oven)+ $$ bette midler=enough pi+satisfied adam $
  • 2401 - $ This Year + Last Year = Death of Humans $

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Bass player

Cliff Williams of popular music combo AC/DC seen here practising his scales on his custom bass guitar. This bass couldn't produce any tunas, or even any tunes.

Image Credit: Col.swordman
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