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A.​broken.​keyboard.​is.​a.​very.​annoying.​device.​because.​without.​a.​space.​bar.​you.​can.​not.​make.​sentences.​that.​anyone.​will.​want.​to.​read.​and.​they.​may.​disregard.​your.​posts.​and.​stuff.​like.​that.​and.​you.​will.​be.​very.​sad.​.​However.​there.​are.​a.​few.​ways.​to.​fix.​a.​broken.​keyboard. (more...)

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Barenaked Denver-Broncos
  • ... that 10 minutes of Super Bowl XLIII was mysteriously interrupted? (pictured)
  • ... the Channel Islands exist in a time-space warp that allow them to appear in the English Channel and off the coast of California at the same time?
  • ... that people who "have their cake and eat it too" are 10 times more likely to die of obesity than people who only "have their cake"?
  • ... when Pong! the Movie was released alongside other video game genre releases like The Super Mario Brothers Movie and Resident Evil, it did not play out well in the box offices?
  • ... that if we used a language without homonyms, a certain type of pun would be impossible, and thereby much gaiety would be lost?
  • ... that Uranus is a gas giant?
  • ... that one person can change the world?

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Dutch duck

November 13: Quack Like a Duck Day, Feast of Hermaphrodite

  • 10,000 BCE - Humans begin destroying the forest, driving out bears and things.
  • 7,573 BCE - Hermes and Aphrodite have a lovely bouncing boy, Hermaphroditus. This proves problematic when he falls out of his crib.
  • 7,558BCE - Hermaphroditus gets into a swimming pool with Salmacis, and 2 becomes 1.
  • 1 BCE - New way of counting up instead of down, ADD, proposed, but no one finishes project off.
  • 832 - Saint Anselm is permabanned from the Vatican for setting fire to the Pope.
  • 1915 - French Army phases out custard pies as infantry weapons, replaces them with hand-buzzers.
  • 1932 - William Butler Yeats marries his dog Chico.
  • 1972 - Mediocre Britain votes on whether to join the European Community. Turnout is low, "yes" carries the day with a result of 6-4.
  • 1978 - While starring in an open air production of Shakespeare's Henry V, Sir John Gielgud is carried off by a hunting kingfisher. He is found unharmed some hours later, having tricked the bird into incubating his egg-like head.
  • 1992 - The title of world's first penguin to eat rocks is taken by Magiwatoo, a penguin from Chilean waters.
  • 1990 - The first webcomic is launched, entitled Two Sarcastic Badgers and Some Clipart.
  • 2009 - It is officially announced that the language of Liverpool is Quack. Every Liverpudlian goes quackin crazy.
  • 2015 - The French get tired of rioting, someone quacks for comedic value, rioting ensues.
  • 2063 - Jacob von Hogflume, inventor of Time travel, is born in a log cabin in 1864.

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Darth Vader was the only spawn of Qui-Gon-Jinn, a legendary intergalactic televangelist who made millions on the planet Naboo curing toasters of inflammation. During his reign as King of Iceland, Darth Vader often took time off to endorse a variety of things, including the Segway.

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