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  • ... that invisible spaghetti sauce has become so popular that there is now a shortage of it? (pictured)
  • ... Heaven has met its quota, and your dead granny has just been waitlisted?
  • ... that resistance is futile? So you should calculate using impedance instead?
  • ... that people who "have their cake and eat it too" are 10 times more likely to die of obesity than people who only "have their cake"?
  • ... that I like cats, but could never eat a whole one?
  • ... on the nth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a total of $ \frac{1}{2}n^2+\frac{1}{2}n $ gifts?
  • ... there is no truth to the rumour that Candlejack kidnaps people who sa

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Evil villain

October 24: Evil Villain Appreciation Day, National Put the Ramones On at Full Volume and Piss Off the Neighbors Day, World Beauty Festival

  • 1867 - After mass revolt by the Australian and New Zealand governments, Oilcan Harry becomes guardian of UCT.
  • 1889 - First recorded use of pure-hearted maiden strapped to railroad tracks to attract a ransom; the deed, while dastardly, merely attracts Royal Canadian Mounted Police who save the girl and thwart the plan.
  • 1931 - Polish schoolboy Joseph Ratzinger is arrested for arson, rape and general troublemaking. The Pope declares this day an International Catholic holiday.
  • 1941 - Hitler writes the lyrics of Blitzkrieg Bop. It later becomes a hit song by The Ramones.
  • 1943 - Morocco becomes the capital of evil villains; they are simply fed up to "here" with Hitler's needy personality.
  • 1969 - Your second grade teacher, mean old Miss Masters™, takes away your favorite doll and holds it ransom. The beeyotch demands that you earn an "A" on your spelling test or "Dolly gets it".
  • 1977 - Habitat for Humanity contemplates rebuilding the Big Bad Wolf's house for charity. Instead it decides on euthanasia as a more cost-sensitive option.
  • 1984 - A science teacher from Great Yarmouth sends his class zipwiring down pylon wires, claiming a man who looked a spitting image of Osama Bin Laden told him to do so. It turned out to be the janitor.
  • 2006 - Evangelist Billy Graham holds a Ramones concert; all of Canada kept awake until 3AM.
  • 2008 - Stockbroker Oilcan Harry IV twirls his mustache and laughs gleefully as the stock market crashes the day after he cashes out.
  • 2017 - Oilcan Harry IV becomes US Secretary of the Treasury and promises to tie women to railroad tracks for ransom in order to balance the budget.

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Checkpoint Charlie was the only Berlin Wall crossing point where the authorities used humour as a weapon against those who tried to cross it.

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