"Welcome Earthling to where we made your puny planet."

Magrathea is the latest M-class planet officially anounced by NASA to contain life. It has two Suns so is not to be confused with Tatooine, which has two Suns as well but which is situated in a different galaxy. Magrathea as a planet resembles a company. It is approximately 300 million light years a way and has a magnitude of 0.005. It was created in the 1960s and has a population of around two billion mice.

The Purpose of Magrathea

The company of Magrathea who own Magrathea create and build planets for different Sci-Fi films and then sell the planets to Hollywood. Recently during the recession and the invention of CGI there is less demand for these planets and so a lot of the industry has closed down on the planet.


A picture of the Moon before it was fully constructed.

The company belong to the Galactic Empire the same people who used to own three Death Stars but lost two of them in a terrorist incident. The third Death Star is disguised as a Moon and orbits around Earth MkII. The magrathea company built the previous planet Earth but made it using the same plans as the Death Star plans so accidently put a large tube through the centre of the Earth where the Vorgons were able to drop a torpedo down to destroy it. The current Earth (Earth MkII) was also created by Magrathea (the company) and is being constantly monitored by the most intelligent lifeforms on Earth, mice.

Famous Inhabitants


Slartibartfast is a construction site manager on Magrathea and was recently involved in the construction of Earth MkII as project manager. His highlight of his career was when he saw the Cliffs of Dover being painted white.

Despite being well-known in the planet construction community Slartibartfast has a notoriously bad human rights record with the Galactic Court of Human Rights claiming that he is responsible for around 40,000 deaths, most of whom are builders from the company. He has also been accused of dumping more uranium deposits in North Korea in Earth MkII than there were in Earth MkI leading the Federation of Planets' representative of Earth, Mr. Kirk to brand him a "Klingon scum."

Slartibartfast was also incharge of the building of Death Star MkII. The Death Star was so complicated that George Lucas needed Slartibartfast to play a charcter in Star Wars so that he could tell everyone which buttons to press and teach everyone how to control the Death Star. Slartibartfast was therefore given a minor role, disguised as a random half-robotic, half-human Sith lord who wore a suit of black armour with an evil mask.

Gordon Brown

After successfully escaping from Earth, Gordon Brown needed to find a planet far away enough for him to work on without anyone knowing about his economic and political career mishaps. He know runs the economics department of Magrathea and has anounced that the company accidently aquired too much gold for the production of planet Alderon MkII and that he would be selling this huge excess amount of gold on the market in afew more galactic days.


Magrathea used to be a thriving world with lots of different species of life living and working all over. Landscapes included vast grasslands, mountain ranges, deserts and cities. However with the recent recession came an ice age which converted the harmonious planet into a periless wasteland. The inhabitants' population decreased dramatically in size and all the current inhabitants live in caves below the surface hence why the common name for a person from Magrathea is "Hermit."

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