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“A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not leave her with his Magnox"”
“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much, except for Magnox”
“The Magnox fuel process is brilliant”
~ Sir Thomas Shithead

This is a picture of a Magnox system, it really hard to under stand, only physicist like Sir Thomas Shithead can under stand it, so you can ignore it.

Magnox is and always will be the leading type of nuclear power reactors, and is definitely not obsolete. It was made and then sent off to other countries except Israel and pretty much all of the Middle East as it was used to hold nuclear weapons in it. The name comes from its creator, Dr I. Hate Magnox.

edit History

Magnox was created in 1945, and is still around. Dr I. hate Magnox was sick of his uranium blowing up in his backyard and ruining his vegetable garden. So he decided to create Magnox. He went to a local hardware store and brought some metal. Then he did some of his science stuff and out came a creation of Magnox. He then started to sell his product. But this brought of his downfall. Stated to sell it to people he shouldn’t t have, and they used for evil. He was so mad that he managed to turn Super saying and he killed all these bad people. He then gave it up and handed the company over to a descendant of Jesus, and one of black Jesus son, 50 cent. He gave this product a gangsta appeal and gangstas stop popping bullets in there hommies assess, they popped uranium. 50 cent was then shot 9 times by the KKK. He then sent the company off too the person that owns it now, Mohammed.

edit General Description

Magnox reactors are pressured using some one b low into it 24/7 as the radiator collects uranium, that was imported form the Middle East. Every single one is identical. As this machine purifies the uranium it starts to boil it which then you can really taste the minerals in it. Then the uranium is pumped through and the CO7OOP8 mixes with the uranium that makes it nice a blowe upey..... Then the new formula, that only Mr Shithead can pronounce, is pumped into a new filter where it is mixed with CO6CK and a bit of P4US6SY which starts to really liven up things. Then it is pumped out into bombs which are sent to Mr Bush and he does what ever he does with them.

edit Reactors in use

Power plant

rightThis is the famous power plant that Homer Simpson works it is not currently been blowing up, but will soon.


This is that fatal explosion that took Anonymous life, if you look real close you wont be able to see him.

There are many of these systems all around the world. But there are two that properly really famous. The first is the one at Thomas Shitheads house. It is situated in his back yard as he tries to extend the knowledge of mankind, but it was recently deposed because he didn't pay his morgage. One of the other famous one is the one that is in Springfield, it wasn't all that famous until a famous TV star came to work there, it was non other than Homer Simpson. Since Mr Simpson has worked there the Magnox reactor has been blowing up more than 15 times now. Oscar Wilde, as he never had a reactor core in his back yard, he loved Magnox, and regularly visited the museum of Magnox.

edit Problems with Magnox

Although Magnox has been the most reliable through out its years, there have been a few incidents with Magnox. The first was in 1332, as not many people had known this, but it claimed the life of Anonymous. Yes this should be added to the list of theories, but I fell it is the right one. As Anonymous was walking round endless ley he stumbled across a Plant using Magnox. That night he was frustrated at something, I can't work out what it was, but he was. And then all of a sudden he picked a huge rock and decided to throw it at one of the Magnox tanks. As the rock hit the side of the tank, it managed some how to penetrate the tank, (which would normally never happen). He stood there for a second then he saw as the tank started to make a funny noise and all of a sudden the thing exploded and he instantly died and he went flying in the dumpster he was found in. The company tried to cover it up because they didn't want any one to know that they had killed the greatest writer that had ever lived, so they didn’t say anything, until found this out, so now we all now who killed anonymous so lets all go kill them.

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