Madam Fatal

The first ever cross-dressing superhero

PublisherQuality Comics

DC Comics

First appearanceCrack Comics #1 (May 1940)
Created byArt Pinajian
Real nameRichard Stanton
Previous affiliationsUnknown
Notable aliasesMadame Fatal
Notable relativesUnknown, but probably disowned
Notable powersSkilled at knitting and cane fighting.

“I love it. So Fucking What!?
~ Oscar Wilde on Cross-Dressing

Knitting is Fucking hard.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Knitting

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Madam Fatal (sometimes Madame Fatal) is a fictional character and a comic book superhero, created and originally illustrated by Art Pinajian. The debut of the character was in the Crack Comics #1 (May 1940), a crime/detective series published by Quality Comics. Madam Fatal continued as feature in that title but when the character was not well received, Madam Fatal made a last appearance in #22 (March 1942).

The character later appeared in some publications by DC Comics when DC Comics bought the rights to the character in 1956, although Madame Fatal not been seen much since except a few brief appearances and passing mentions by other comic book characters.

Madame Fatal is notable for being a male superhero who dressed up as an elderly woman and the first cross-dressing comics hero. The original incarnation of the more famous cross-dressing character, Red Tornado.

Brief HistoryEdit

Richard Stanton; Handsome, pipe-smoking, calm, white man and blonde. He had a fortune, but unlike Batman he didn't spend it on a Bat Cave, a Bit Bike or loads of fancy gadgets. Nope, Stanton spent his entire fortune on a nice grandmother's wig. He then raided his mother's wardrobe and became a transvestite.


Richard Stanton's first time seducing his father.

His parents encouraged him, more so his father who had a fetish for cross-dressers. Stanton and his father had an affair until his mother found out. It then became a triweekly threesome,but one day Richard found out his mother had been secretly filming it and selling the films on the streets. Stanton then realised he would be shamed for eternity and decided that he could never do anything except "Transvestite for hire" which Stanton gained all his money from.

His early years had consisted of him stealing bra's and walking around New York nude (except for the bra). He was arrested multiple times and was usally sexually assulated by policemen. This is what led to Richard becoming Madam Fatal. He realised that the police were useless so he would have to do their job.

The first (and last) Job Edit

Stanton's mother was kidnapped by four masked men and the police were unable to uncover their identities, but Stanton was, on his wits and superior investigative skills. As such, Stanton decided to take matters into his own hands after he deduced that the leader of the gang was Swagger Badger, a crime kingpin.


The bra that killed Madam Fatal.

Stanton was able to infiltrate the Swagger Badger gang due to his disguise as an old, helpless, red-cloaked woman with a red walking cane which doubled as a sly dildo. Once inside their lair Stanton then used his knitting skillsto wipe out the unsuspecting gang, and revealed his true identity to Badger. In the ensuing fight, Badger (a formidable knitter himself) knocked Stanton to the ground and chocked him with a pink bra.

Abilites and weaponsEdit




One of Madam Fatal's weapons

Madam Fatal in DC ComicsEdit

DC Comics has yet to make use of Madame Fatal beyond a few very brief cameos and a few mere mentions that made light of the character's transvestite job.

However, DC gives the character a prominent role in The Shade #4 (2012), set in 1944 where Madam Fatal is tracking down Swagger Badger.