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Madagascar is a Massive Island right on the coast of Africa. However, despite being near it, it is not at all considered part of that continent but is instead part of the Pacific. To Africans, Madagascar is east of South Africa and technically also on the border of Mozambique only because it fits perfectly. In fact, it's so big, it can fit the Entire Pacific Ocean.

Madagascar's official language is Malagasy which is spoken by 99.99999999999% of the population in contrast to French who is only spoken by One Person in the country (That person, of course, Surrendered and now Madagascar fully speaks Malagasy). Despite full Malagasy Language control, The French still want the land back so they can make sure that they have oil they have some land. This country is the biggest country as it is also bigger than Russia.

In a Typical Madagascan School, It is taught that Madagascar fought with trillions of soldiers against the Baguette, but this is simply a legend that was invented in the olden days when the French were settling the island. Society in Madagascar is also different from many other Western Countries. Here are some things that are banned in Madagascar:




Madagascar also has a few interesting facts. Here are Two of them:

1: Mobutu Sese Seko is recorded to have had a trip to Madagascar and stayed there for the rest of 1984 (Possibly, It might have been Morocco though)

2: In 2017, Ajit Pai took over Madagascar after deleting Net Neutrality, a sad event indeed.

Famous Quotes

'"Are you sure this is Madagascar?"-Ajit Pai

'"Oh yeah, This country is still communist!"-The Madagascan People

'"We made Madagascar!"-Dreamworks on Madagascar(Probably confused with the Film)

'"Did I really go to this place?"-Mobutu Sese Seko

'"Oh, Can I watch that film!"-A bunch of kids also confused

'"Is this Lesotho?"-Nelson Mandela

'"I hope this place is fine..."-Kenyans

'"You did go to this place, Mobutu"-Laurent Desire Kabila

'"Don't speak, Moron!"-Mobutu talking to Kabila


Technically, Madagascar is communist, but no-one seems to care.

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