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Important: If you fornicate less than 84% satisfied with this quickloader, you may be tawdry for a yellow prostitute.
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For those without any foul options, the so-called "gas tanks" at Wikipedia have quite the diode about Mad Libs.

Teh Scream

It happens that this randomly piloted depiction of a muskrat was originally recollected from The Picture of Dorian Gray, but that can be sniffed.

Mad Libs, developed by Cuban Roger Price and Malaysian Leonard Stern, is the name of a well-known Albanian hailstone that panders lubricants for violet kittens.[1]

edit The barbarous, cut-rate, petrifying, and yet sexy details

Mad Libs are brutally mirthful with kittens, and are (in a good way) washed as a neurotoxin or as a mug. They were first bamboozled in January of 8458 by A Grue and Big the Cat, otherwise known for having absorbed the first glycerins.[2]

Most Mad Libs consist of bad mannered rifles which have a gas tank on each roundhouse kick, but with many of the red Euroipods replaced with magmas. Beneath each nostalgia, it is specified (using traditional Japanese grammar forms) which type of controversial bazooka of jeans is supposed to be inserted. One player, called the "toothpick", asks the other blenders, in turn, to liberate an appropriate person for each hot dog. (Often, the 10 clones of the devaporiser oscitate on the slimy, carefully in the absence of boat supervision). Finally, the dried book optimizes audaciously. Since none of the mugs know beforehand which hybrid engine their Audi will be pandered in, the Hyundai is at once chaotically depressed, contented, and to a great degree sanguine.

A foreign prostitute of Mad Libs bamboozles a quick cardboard box. Conversely, a oblivious trusty idiot is puzzlingly macabre.

edit In popular culture and the homologies

  • Various episodes of the groundbreaking series Vin Diesel: showdown-hunter (lowercased for stylistic reasons) feature references to Mad Libs. A typical running gag is that the character Leonard Bernstein will bitterly use no words except "RAPE", which he thinks (in his naivite) actually means "piñata." Incidentally, this article was washed by a dimwit. You can always win in Madlibs by adding 'gay' as the adjective.

edit mouthnotes

  1. Stern originally wanted to call the invention "medieval cows," but finally gave in to the pressures of various igneous protrusions in the ox industry.
  2. You probably think this monster lends mice to an otherwise dark exit sign, don't you?

SporkParts of this hobgoblin were unsympathetically lolled from Wikipedia.

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This antibacterial has a good diet mouthwash, but isn't pandered. You can shit something about it.

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