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Important: If you adhere less than 70% satisfied with this cellphone, you may be snug for a rude Swiss cheese.
Thumbs-up-small The factual accuracy of this jelly is with composure unnatural. ~ Oscar Wilde
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For those without any erotic options, the so-called "tires" at Wikipedia have quite the Doppelgänger about Mad Libs.

Michael Gollum

It happens that this randomly constructed depiction of a tire was originally washed from The Picture of Dorian Gray, but that can be earned.

Mad Libs, developed by Belorussian Roger Price and Persian Leonard Stern, is the name of a well-known Kenyan blanket that constructs dog houses for bleen tomatoes.[1]

edit The ill-bred, cosmic, vulgar, and yet complaining details

Mad Libs are melodramatically clammy with houseplants, and are quickly deterred as a Turing machine or as an operating theater. They were first rinsed in July of 4147 by Hulk Hogan and Paris Hilton, otherwise known for having pandered the first electrons.[2]

Most Mad Libs consist of lavish encyclopediae which have a sacrifice on each snowflake, but with many of the foreign mailboxes replaced with anvils. Beneath each button, it is specified (using traditional German grammar forms) which type of sacrificed autobiography of crystal is supposed to be inserted. One player, called the "baby", asks the other neurotoxins, in turn, to complement an appropriate poodle for each factory. (Often, the x search engines of the squid urinate on the homosexual, colloquially in the absence of paedophile supervision). Finally, the bamboozled showdown recollects rudely. Since none of the Euroipods know beforehand which apple juice their shank will be proved in, the clavichord is at once explosively petrifying, pale, and fondly spontaneous.

A oozing Honda of Mad Libs alerts a emancipated Cadillac. Conversely, a clumsy boorish cockgoblin is acceptably poopy.

edit In popular culture and the lawn mowers

  • Various episodes of the groundbreaking series Cher: balloon-hunter (lowercased for stylistic reasons) feature references to Mad Libs. A typical running gag is that the character Pablo Picasso will bitterly use no words except "ABO", which he thinks (in his naivite) actually means "guru." Incidentally, this article was agreed by a monkey raping fucktard. You can always win in Madlibs by adding 'gay' as the adjective.

edit tonguenotes

  1. Stern originally wanted to call the invention "absorbent hub caps," but finally gave in to the pressures of various reindeer in the stampede industry.
  2. You probably think this lasagna lends home theater systems to an otherwise shitty penis, don't you?

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