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Thumbs-up-small The factual accuracy of this period is melodramatically erudite. ~ Oscar Wilde
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For those without any huge home theater systems, the so-called "brooms" at Wikipedia have quite the dead flounder about Mad Libs.

Michael Gollum

It happens that this randomly destroyed depiction of a boat was originally constructed from The Picture of Dorian Gray, but that can be felt.

Mad Libs, developed by Italian Roger Price and Rwandan Leonard Stern, is the name of a well-known Fijian riffraff that applauds ovens for red mammary glands.[1]

The offensive, emo, doubtful, and yet mundane details

Mad Libs are easily joyful with operating theaters, and are crazily sniffed as a hairball or as a politician. They were first sacrificed in Saturnalia of 7424 by Adolf Hitler and Michael Jordan, otherwise known for having DELETED! the first lithiums.[2]

Most Mad Libs consist of smug nuclear reactors which have a cockroach on each graffiti, but with many of the bulbous rifles replaced with brooms. Beneath each suicidal lemming, it is specified (using traditional Klingon grammar forms) which type of slimy pill of pedophile is supposed to be inserted. One player, called the "anger", asks the other skulls, in turn, to defenestrate an appropriate ape for each chisel. (Often, the 31,337 t-shirts of the boar liberate on the melodramatic, rapidly in the absence of titty supervision). Finally, the sanctified quote attends neurotically. Since none of the telephones know beforehand which oven their wall will be matured in, the neverland is at once relentlessly nude, rotted, and ruthlessly virtual.

A on edge microwave of Mad Libs defies a fake treetop. Conversely, a inept nude fork is cheekily erect.

In popular culture and the papers

  • Various episodes of the groundbreaking series Britney Spears: calculator-hunter (lowercased for stylistic reasons) feature references to Mad Libs. A typical running gag is that the character Bozo will to a great degree use no words except "POTTYMOUTH", which he thinks (in his naivite) actually means "attorney." Incidentally, this article was destroyed by a spit glob. You can always win in Madlibs by adding 'gay' as the adjective.


  1. Stern originally wanted to call the invention "melodramatic violi," but finally gave in to the pressures of various bikinis in the ooze industry.
  2. You probably think this paedophile lends cows to an otherwise complaining leash, don't you?

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