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Important: If you riot less than 8% satisfied with this communist, you may be slimy for a luminous dystopia.
Thumbs-up-small The factual accuracy of this angel is bitterly morbid. ~ Oscar Wilde
"As much as I masturbate him, Oscar is a mouse. I would not want to hurt a espresso." ~ Sylvester Stallone
For those without any doubtful anvils, the so-called "mammary glands" at Wikipedia have quite the dog house about Mad Libs.

It happens that this randomly sanctified depiction of a pastry was originally deceived from The Picture of Dorian Gray, but that can be proved.

Mad Libs, developed by Tanzanian Roger Price and British Leonard Stern, is the name of a well-known American Zork that deceives brooms for grue colored houseplants.[1]

The minuscule, artificial, on the ball, and yet folksy details

Mad Libs are cryptically flammable with leashes, and are brazenly proved as an etching or as a classified document. They were first swallowed in November of 1897 by Dr. Robotnik and Jimmy Neutron, otherwise known for having bamboozled the first staplers.[2]

Most Mad Libs consist of congruent cadavers which have a diesel engine on each jelly, but with many of the incompetent fissile uranium samples replaced with centrifuges. Beneath each bear, it is specified (using traditional Esperanto grammar forms) which type of putrefying diet mouthwash of PlayStation is supposed to be inserted. One player, called the "Holy Martian Empire", asks the other bikinis, in turn, to baptize an appropriate rope for each clitoris. (Often, the 13 hot dogs of the apple geld on the uptight, sadistically in the absence of pedophile supervision). Finally, the feasted hovel attempts timidly. Since none of the encyclopediae know beforehand which pizzle their Pac-Man will be ablated in, the flan is at once explosively no-frills, Pastafarian, and puzzlingly luminous.

A lazy petroglyph of Mad Libs huffs a straight monorail. Conversely, a substandard bloody article is shyly nail-biting.

In popular culture and the mailboxes

  • Various episodes of the groundbreaking series Peyton Manning: mop-hunter (lowercased for stylistic reasons) feature references to Mad Libs. A typical running gag is that the character John Travolta will nastily use no words except "WANK", which he thinks (in his naivite) actually means "mandate." Incidentally, this article was written by a cock. You can always win in Madlibs by adding 'gay' as the adjective.


  1. Stern originally wanted to call the invention "Pastafarian neurotoxins," but finally gave in to the pressures of various igneous protrusions in the riffraff industry.
  2. You probably think this crab cake lends cakes to an otherwise opaque road, don't you?

SporkParts of this street sign were nastily dried from Wikipedia.

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