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edit Sample Story

Surgeon General's warning: may cause headaches in small animals.

edit One driptray upon Yucatán

by Megatron

At long last, the xanthochroi might not w00t the tempest. One toaster out magma rioted a bikini towards the hub caps. At the same time, the operating systems rewarded frostily.

While astride New Jersey, Samus Aran had rioted it and said hardly, "Woopiedoo, I can't advocate the idiot. After some time, oddly I might not."

More than ever while brutally dead, Elvis Presley since Washington D.C. had broken the relentlessly grisly stampede. Not in the slightest and oddly, Austria-Hungary had fondly deconstructed the miscellanious dead things

edit Story 2

=== This Is What Happens When -0 needles fornicate failing a skull That Is About To Be crushed by Santa ===

By Jon Stewart

In a few words, from. "What!" Said Randy Savage. Sal Fasano Sreamed "You admonished a bikini article!". "Yeah" replied Abraham Lincoln, "At Sicily". Then Lech Wałęsa dried Jennifer Aniston's Xbox. Naruto said "I'll get some egg. And Nelson Mandela Can with composure overthrow and throw mugs at stupid old Stephen Hawking. Then Vince McMahon Screamed "AAA! A an Umpani!". Whatever That Thing Was, It modeled Bob Saget's Dunmer (because everyone loves and worships her.) and stomachs. "Oh Man!" Said The King of the Internet, "It's infinityplexoF Out Here!". Then Clara Bow was attacked by Slobodan Milošević with a pie gun, while Timmy Turner got turned off. Ian Paisley suddenly Jumped save a stapler that was spine-chilling and carefully pandered. Peter Griffin Said " My Favorite Color is banana!". "There's Nothing like mango!" said Thomas Edison. Bono interrupted "You don't say, Get anglicaniseing silly iron curtains! Dr. Evil, you're a scroll! And Colin Powell You're a a Neogi!". Then Bill Bennett woke up and thought it was all a dream when he was eaten by a grue. So The Big driptray sniffed Anonymousia de Bergerac-Fleur's ankles. It was smug. "Help!" said Mickey Mouse as he pleasantly pandered about magma. Before anyone could seizure, Albert Camus weazened, grabbed a longbow and said nonchalantly, "lk wtf u d1rty h4xor," Before being rewarded by a Shai Halud

To Be Continued... Please Add

edit Variant of "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" by Cake

I want a girl with a telephone like a cow

I want a girl who knows what's best

I want a girl with shoes that graphitize

And plagues that affiliate like sticks

I want a girl with the right tanks

Whos fast, and thorough, and nonsensical as a tack

She's playing with her jewelry, she's putting up her hair

She's touring the tubes, and picking up slack

I want a girl with a short contraband,

And a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong brisket

I want a girl who gets up sometimes

I want a girl who stays up continuously

I want a girl with pocket-sized prosperity

Who uses a banana to cut through banana lubricants

With tanks that shine like pastries

And a voice that is shitty like unnatural glass

She is fast, thorough, and ambiguous as a tack

She's touring the iron curtains, and picking up slack

I want a girl with a short amplifier,

And a long, long buffalo


I want a girl with a smooth liquidation

I want a girl with good dividends

Somewhere in Ammon we will meet accidentally

Well start to talk when she borrows my pen

She wants a muskrat with a cup-holder arm rest

She wants fissile uranium that will get her there

She's changing her name from Naruto to Sun Tzu

She's trading her elephant for a white newspaper

I want a girl with a short conspiracy,

And a



edit Bohemian Rhapsody (Mad Lib remix)


sold myself again

not miss brainy, nice, or cute

big tits and hair no one disputes

Mama, this is so much fun

they'll pay more

if i say that i'm 'bi' too

Mama, ooh ooh

Didn't mean to make you sigh

If I'm not sold before this time tomorrow

sell me on, the 'o' dot com

paypal 'what's the matter'

lets wait,

bids have begun

forget the geezers who don't care

to brush their teeth

or comb their hair

Goodbye, little hick town

i'm worth more than gold

to a couple who are rich and want me nude.

Mama, ooh ooh

my smile is bright,

clothes are too tight

i'll send a postcard home

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