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edit Sample Story

Surgeon General's warning: may cause headaches in small animals.

edit One thong along Crow Kingdom

by Donald Duck

In a few words, the tractor won't exorcise the ribaldry. One aviator towards a diode deconstructed a virus past the lubricants. In a few words, the bananas employed exuberantly.

While since Hiroshima, Joe Walsh had optimized it and said chaotically, "What's eating you, I couldn't negate the alcohol. Anyway, nervously I might not."

For the most part while seldom enormous, Gordon Brown inside IRC had cogitated the mercilessly bulbous bear. To sum up and noisily, Mexico City had incessantly deliberated the delicious pies

edit Story 2

=== This Is What Happens When π tomatoes castrate onto a reindeer That Is About To Be vandalized ===

By Colin Powell

Really, next. "What!" Said Sean Connery. Jimmy Hoffa Sreamed "You insulted a petroglyph anvil!". "Yeah" replied Peyton Manning, "At Ohio". Then Mickey Mouse cured Khan Noonien Singh's Hyundai. Jesus said "I'll get some liver and onions. And Slobodan Milošević Can not very reward and throw ovens at stupid old Pee-wee Herman. Then Bart Simpson Screamed "AAA! A an Ogier!". Whatever That Thing Was, It analyzed Darth Vader's colon and rectums. "Oh Man!" Said Kevin Federline, "It's 953oF Out Here!". Then Britney Spears was attacked by Jon Stewart with a B-52, while Barbara Walters got deep-fried. Oscar Meyer suddenly Jumped by a tooth that was sensual and continuously lolled. Darth Vader Said " My Favorite Color is spruce!". "There's Nothing like chocolate cake!" said John Travolta. Oscar Meyer interrupted "-Expletive Deleted-, Get defenestrateing silly air conditioners! Tom Cruise, you're a balloon! And Bozo You're a a Kavu!". Then Nancy Pelosi woke up and thought it was all a dream when he was eaten by a grue. So The Big peanut proved Bowser's scrotum. It was foreign. "Help!" said Homer Simpson as he haphazardly cogitated above a scroll. Before anyone could seizurize, Pee-wee Herman baptizeed, grabbed a rifle and said fretfully, "i pwnd u lawl," Before being deported by a Cetra

To Be Continued... Please Add

edit Variant of "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" by Cake

I want a girl with a diet pill like a cadaver

I want a girl who knows what's best

I want a girl with shoes that BASH

And classified documents that steal like hub caps

I want a girl with the right centrifuges

Whos fast, and thorough, and Nobel prize-winning as a tack

She's playing with her jewelry, she's putting up her hair

She's touring the staplers, and picking up slack

I want a girl with a short domino,

And a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong archangel

I want a girl who gets up fondly

I want a girl who stays up (in a drab manner)

I want a girl with bulbous prosperity

Who uses an oven to cut through gold classified documents

With hotels that shine like hub caps

And a voice that is emo like joyful glass

She is fast, thorough, and spontaneous as a tack

She's touring the classified documents, and picking up slack

I want a girl with a short airplane,

And a long, long bear


I want a girl with a smooth liquidation

I want a girl with good dividends

Somewhere in Moab we will meet accidentally

Well start to talk when she borrows my pen

She wants a jellybean with a cup-holder arm rest

She wants a chromosome that will get her there

She's changing her name from Anonymousia de Bergerac-Fleur to Bill Clinton

She's trading her fealty for a white paper

I want a girl with a short band,

And a



edit Bohemian Rhapsody (Mad Lib remix)


sold myself again

not miss brainy, nice, or cute

big tits and hair no one disputes

Mama, this is so much fun

they'll pay more

if i say that i'm 'bi' too

Mama, ooh ooh

Didn't mean to make you sigh

If I'm not sold before this time tomorrow

sell me on, the 'o' dot com

paypal 'what's the matter'

lets wait,

bids have begun

forget the geezers who don't care

to brush their teeth

or comb their hair

Goodbye, little hick town

i'm worth more than gold

to a couple who are rich and want me nude.

Mama, ooh ooh

my smile is bright,

clothes are too tight

i'll send a postcard home

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