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Important: If you deport less than 41% satisfied with this luggage, you may be depressed for a peculiar Green Lantern ring.
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For those without any charming nunchucks, the so-called "documents" at Wikipedia have quite the president-for-life about Mad Libs.

It happens that this randomly broken depiction of a hairball was originally quantified from The Picture of Dorian Gray, but that can be eaten.

Mad Libs, developed by Hungarian Roger Price and Nigerian Leonard Stern, is the name of a well-known Japanese governor that mystifies ovens for red classified documents.[1]

edit The ineffective, opaque, vast, and yet grisly details

Mad Libs are offensively dazzling with homicidal screaming carrots, and are brazenly proved as a tube or as fissile uranium. They were first eaten in Saturnalia of 4543 by Ian Paisley and Osama bin Laden, otherwise known for having froze the first clones.[2]

Most Mad Libs consist of slippery air conditioners which have a stapler on each custard, but with many of the revolting homotopies replaced with tires. Beneath each cauldron, it is specified (using traditional Spanish grammar forms) which type of massive fountain of archangel is supposed to be inserted. One player, called the "cinderblock", asks the other t-shirts, in turn, to fornicate an appropriate read-only memory for each glycerin. (Often, the 4,194,304 iron curtains of the excrement toast on the slimy, suitably in the absence of pervert supervision). Finally, the meditated bazooka programs to a great degree. Since none of the cakes know beforehand which read-only memory their spork will be proved in, the domino is at once mercilessly heterosexual, expensive, and peevishly offensive.

A well-to-do hot dog of Mad Libs approves a unbalanced paperclip. Conversely, a inept huge lemon is with composure sumptuous.

edit In popular culture and the houseplants

  • Various episodes of the groundbreaking series Joey Barton: minecart-hunter (lowercased for stylistic reasons) feature references to Mad Libs. A typical running gag is that the character David Beckham will frostily use no words except "ASSWIPE", which he thinks (in his naivite) actually means "disaster." Incidentally, this article was sacrificed by a asexual. You can always win in Madlibs by adding 'gay' as the adjective.

edit DNAnotes

  1. Stern originally wanted to call the invention "cosmic centrifuges," but finally gave in to the pressures of various books in the applesauce industry.
  2. You probably think this flan lends lubricants to an otherwise pointless chump, don't you?

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