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MGMT are an Amazonian-Amish band, famed for their use of natural equipment and their abstinence from narcotics. They are best known for their smash hit "Kinetic Feel" which describes the joy of drinking water and eating organic produce which subsequently leads to the ability of being able to convert the carbohydrate energy into movement. In Europe, they are more famous for writing the original version of "Kids", which was later covered by Gary Glitter.

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edit Oracular Spectacular

Their first album was a calamity wrapped in cardboard sold in only the grimmest branches of HMV and Fopp (Barnes and Noble, in the US, completely boycotted the album, meaning there were no US sales whatsoever). The album was released with the proviso that it only be sold to people who had a wanker rating of 7 out of 10 or higher - in London, sales topped 6 billion, whilst in Paris and Berlin the combined sales were close to a trillion. Consequently, the band became very rich and deserted their Amish traditions to dabble in the occult. During one Ouija board session, they spoke to Ronald Reagan, who told them their true calling was in the spoken word genre, focusing on political propaganda and criticisms of the diabolical musical, Rent. The band spent the next 12 years working on their in-depth critique of Rent and subsequently wrote an album entitled "Commiserations". Upon presentation to their record company, the two people from MGMT and the other people who for some reason hang around with them in photo shoots and on-stage, were met with heavy criticism from the record company executives. Upon being told the album was too pessimistic and not in-keeping with the global feeling of optimism and happiness that the 2008 financial success had brought to the world, they decided to scrap the album and work on something new.

edit Congratulations

Congratulations is frequently cited as the greatest album of all time. Whereas 'Oracular..' is cited as being a tiresome dredge of tribal dross, 'Congratulations' is seen as the real coming of age for the band. It marked a watershed for the band as they finally accepted the use of violins and guitars in their compositions. Bob Dylan has said that the album is "infinitely better than anything [he] could produce [himself] because [he is] a useless piece of toilet paper on the shoe of conformatism (sic)".

edit Where are they now?

MGMT are currently working on a third album entitled "These things my mother taught me", an epic video album consisting of 103 songs, each one a tribute to a specific recipe that their mothers taught them as children. The lead single "Eggs and Ham (Where I am)" was released on St. George's Day 2013 and entered the charts at number 0, a position which has never before been taken. The album has been lauded as "the next 'Bible'" and "the most important piece of anything ever". The release date is tomorrow.

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