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CLPIII in the midst of a vicious battle against Xenu. We're joking on this part but he played a bank-robbing police officer and an embezzling preacher.

“He was such a great co-star. Too bad he's also a cover for that fucking 'religion'”
~ Jason Priestly on Luke Perry
“Give it a rest, man! He doesn't even know what's going on!”
~ Ian Ziering on the above quote
“Luke Perry’s Name is Luke Perry”
~ Captain Obvious on Luke Perry
“I was looking at this called my then friend, "Hey have you seen this movie on HBO – I've recognized a good number of this movie's locale, it's our area man. That's not too far from where my step-grandparents lived on Churchill Drive. This has Luke Perry in the film thinking, dude when was this done?”
~ Bonnie 'n Clyde: 60172, [1]

Luke Perry (October 11, 1966 – March 4, 2019) aka Coy Luther Perry III aka guy with a weird and confusing birth name or CLPIII, was an American actor sometimes producer and developed a family comedy character for Hallmark (the character didn't like pigs but he kept a pot belly in real life.) Unknown to him, however, he is also the cover of a massive evil operation aimed at robbing the people of the world of all their money and belongings, namely Scientology. Therefore, he was protected by a clandestine group of warlocks, also known as Scientologists, who routinely posed as his managers and his team. They were given Luke Perry countless horrendous and despicable roles, but thanks to his good looks and charming accent, he carried them off, thus cheating the audiences of their hard-earned money and unwittingly funding the evil operation of Scientology until his number was called in March 2019. Perry died in 2019 from a massive stroke just as he was about to leave Scientology and join the Catholic Church.

Early life Edit

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Luke Perry was the illegitimate son of L. Ron Hubbard. However, he was so good looking at the time of his birth, that Hubbard abandoned him on the streets and left him to die, fearing that his awesomeness would overshadow Hubbard's own planned legacy. However, after one of Hubbard's followers discovered him on the pavement nearly dead, he decided to adopt and raise him, knowing that his charming looks would give the evil movement of Scientology (then known as Dianetics) the boost it desperately needed, especially since Hubbard's malicious schemes had been exposed by the Medical Coucil. While L. Ron Hubbard died without realizing his dream of conquering the global economy, Luke Perry would unknowingly carry forward his legacy simply because he was not able to be pigeonholed as a teen idol.

Career Edit

Perry's foster father trained him to become an actor, and conquer the entertainment industry. As this simply meant girls swooning over him, he did so without any problems. His father had also equipped him with the best team of managers, make-up artists, etc, order to "consolidate his position" in the "madly competitive industry". Little did Luke know that this "team" was actually a group of Warlocks in disguise sent to protect him, and more importantly, the operation.

Luke's breakthrough success (read the role in which even GUYS were swooning over him) was as Dylan McSprouse in the abominable TV drama "Beverly Hills 90210". Thanks solely to his good looks and charming accent, the show was a huge phenomenon, earning the production house "Spielberg Entertainment" (owned by Steven Spielberg) tonnes of money. The warlocks later attacked the company's office, murdered Spielberg, and ran away with all the money.


Luke Perry as Dylan McSprouse; Great use of make-up!. We're kidding Disney don't mame us. This needs a gentle touch because one more so in case his son who is 21 now and daughter is voting age

Perry left the show during it's sixth season, in order to avoid typecasting as the teenager when he was older. Better remove the quotes that man because the quote above was one of those controversial films that's low budget but convincing as hell. Almost haunting because he immortalized a bank robber trying to juggle a facade of making ends meet, but using a police radio, a fake beard and a level of fire arms that made Bonnie and Clyde smile from the grave. He even grew out the mustache to look like Jeffery Erickson the bank-robbing used bookstore owner from Hanover Park, Illinois, it's a question how much time did he spend in the area because he did have the accent. The accent of that region is known as the Inland North.

This was actually a calculated move by the Scientologists who wanted to expand Perry's fan-base, so that they could rob more people (read old farts). Unfortunately, the old people whose hormones had long stopped working saw through his good looks and charming accent, and realized all the shows he had been working on were crap. Not really one of those films was teamed up with Ashley Judd who later played in another taunt film known as Kiss The Girls with Morgan Freeman. The pair worked with the film maker who later worked on Masters of Horror with Joe Dante. Some don't even realize how dark Normal Life is, and it was on a low budget of $21,000 as Steven Morgan with Haza operated on a similar budget but did everything himself using a SLR camera in video mode.

Therefore the team of warlocks/Scientologists decided to shift their focus back to the teenage audience. As a result, Luke Perry signed up for a terrible, terrible role in a terrible, terrible film (Oliver Pike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer). However, he only had a supporting role, the lead role being given to some actress who wasn't hot enough.

Therefore, the film was an epic disaster and Luke was forced to return to Beverly Hills 90210 to save his career (and the evil plan of the Scientologists). Once the series ended, however, he had grown too old to be loved by the teenage audiences who had since fallen for other heartthrobs such as Ashton Kutcher and Robert Pattinson. Therefore the evil plans of the Scientologists came to a crashing halt, though they still protect Luke in case his career bounces back the same way John Travolta's did.

Side showsEdit

“But even in a city with a rich gangland history, the Ericksons were adding an extraordinary new chapter to the criminal saga. Last Dec. 16 Jeff was arrested in connection with at least eight bank robberies. Cornered after a frantic 110-m.p.h. effort to escape, Jill died in a shoot-out with police. At their town house, police found 38 guns—rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers, 25 boxes of ammunition, smoke grenades, gas masks, burglar tools, a police scanner and $1,742 in cash. The garage had been fitted with a massive safe, and a bulletproof vest was waiting at their mail drop. Instead of the mildly eccentric couple-next-door, it seemed, the bookseller and his wife were a suburban version of Bonnie and Clyde.”
~ People Magazine article, source material for Bonnie 'n Clyde: 60172 as the bookstore was in the boyhood home
Dark role number 2

This role foreshadowed church scandals in the 2000s with Independent Baptists who were covering up their sex scandals. He was damn convincing too. Southern Baptists were not prepared for his role as an embezzled preacher, this hit close to home for a lot who came from the circles.

Apart from acting in the horrendous TV drama you already know about, Perry was also made to "guest star" in numerous sub-par productions. These include the crappy animated series The Simpsons (where he played himself AND Krusty the Clown's half-brother? Weird) another crappy animated series called Johnny Bravo (where he plays a gay pervert who gives Johnny a taste of his own medicine). In order to appeal to the homosexual audience, he has also played a gay pervert in a variety of shows such as "The Spin Doctor", "The Other Boleyn Guy", "Willy and Gracie" and "Sex, The Hills and 90210", a porn parody of "Beverly Hills 90210" starring Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag. Then see the role that disturbed many; as the one in the film mentioned then the role where he was sealed into a wall ala The Black Cat. The producers behind 90120 got behind the Luke Perry lead vehicle that's based upon the real-life Bonnie and Clyde of the 1990s.

“Perry gives a confronting, eerie performance”
~ Clint Morris, talking Normal Life, echoes short story

Due to these projects, rumors that he was homosexual began surfacing in the media. Fearful of losing his conservative fan base, Perry quickly denied them. 1996 he did a really 180 from teen idol to someone who was robbing banks, and get this a cop using his hardware from the force to steal $180,000 from all the banks. He saw recognition from the PureFlix Circle as The Cabbie Homicide creator saw the film that was discussed known as Normal Life. He also played a preacher who was sealed into a wall ala Edgar Allan Poe on the show Oz. He played darker rolls in the 1990s that distanced himself from the teen typecasting as he was much older than the characters he played, it's a guess he got the research from People Magazine [2]

“No one could have guessed how accurate he was: Late Monday afternoon, as he was being led back to jail from his trial on serial bank robbery charges, Erickson somehow slipped out of his handcuffs, wrestled a revolver from a deputy U.S. marshal and went on a shooting spree that resulted in the deaths of two law enforcement officers and himself.”
~ Washington Post, July 21, 1992, Luke Perry may had discovered this.

Despite tremendous pressure from his team and foster father, Perry refused to reprise his role in the 2008 spin-off of "Beverly Hills 90210" called "90210", because he "was tired of acting in serials when he knew they sucked, and because of the tragic demise of Steven Spielberg". Why he starred in the porn parody of the same show remains a mystery.

Personal Life Edit

Luke Perry Daughter

His daughter's instagram is known as lemonperry. This was a screen cap of her catch of the day. Good chance she might be releasing this one..

Ever since his links to Scientology were discovered by his co-stars of Beverly Hills 90210, Perry's relationship with them has been heavily strained, mainly because he refuses to believe them. Despite Jason Priestley launching a massive media campaign in order to expose Perry's links to the operation [3] nobody cared and hence the secret of the Scientologists remains safe to this day.

However, his wife was convinced of his involvement in Scientology and hence she did the right thing. She divorced him and ran off with their children. Honestly some just don't have the answers to the questions, and Priestley's own book it's a question what he relates of Perry. Turned out Perry reached out to him in 2002 after a race car accident within the introduction of his 2014 book.

Some of the cast of what CLPIII played in were really the age of the generation who became authors and publishers by age 28. Some of his castmates have author by credits to their name, look up and watch what comes up, the funny business will shock you the reader. CLPIII really was a year older than Sen. Andrew Ian Dodge who was published since age 36 in print but went back further in the 1990s.

However, they did share joint custody of them [4]. Perry has also been targeted by Xenu, the evil space God of Scientology legends. However, his team ensures that Xenu's assassins don't come anywhere near even touching him, hence he keeps smiling even as his team is locked in a vicious battle with Xenu's minions. The family man died just as his daughter rushed home.

Death Edit


Found on bing search for the statistics. This is what claimed relatives as they had congestive heart failure.

Luke Perry died on March 4, 2019. His death was reported complications from a stroke. No further details supplied. Suspicious? The Anti-vaxxors came full force trying to attribute his untimely demise because of vaccines. They were already coming in droves and gets disturbing.

Scientology? Yeah, I hate it too! Wonder why everyone thinks I'm one of them!”
~ Luke Perry on everyone
  1. the movie was based loosely on a news story in Schamburg Township area where Luke had a very convincing role in it. The director did Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. The Cabbie Homicide's guilty party was 15 when events played up. 20 when the film came out. Luke did some work with PureFlix. The other role he had was in OZ playing a preacher, where he was sealed into a Wall ala Edgar Allan Poe. The locals who saw the film said, "This happened." And others were going, "I didn't know this was a true story." An Eye In Shadows and the said short story speak about Jeff and Jill Erickson. The story -- he knew too much of the crime to even relate watching the film but tells people if they want to see the area this will do it.
  2. The film was done a year before his son, a professional wrestler was born in 1997. Now his son and daughter, 21 old enough to drink and daughter old enough to vote can appreciate the film but might be in for a shock how dark this is. The character he played, the real life counterpart was 33 and his wife was 27 years old. Luke Perry, then 30 years old. The film really had him playing up his real age. Ashley Judd, then 28, years old dyed her hair blonde to resemble the dramatized counterpart to Jill Erickson. Judd having naturally dark colored hair, Jill Erickson in real life was a blonde. Its a question how much of the film drew from the case, An Eye In Shadows and the short story quoted speak of both fierce roles they played. Macaulay Culkin also played a fearless role in his 20s. That crime also played up in the mid-1990s. An Eye In Shadows is 198 pages and discussed the crime, more so Jill Erickson in passing. The story on dramatizes the Police dialog but the Jeffery with his dialog taunted police.
  3. In truth CLPIII came to Priestley's aid during a racing accident.
  4. Yeah, right. In truth they equally raised them. The ring name of his son is Jungle Boy, but started using his given name. CLPIII went to all his ringside matches in the circuit. It's a question Kevin Vltra a Chicago based pro-wrestler knew of him. His son's Instagram has him performing a moon flip from a roof. myth_boy_legend is his handle according to a source speaking about the son.