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Note: I do not know anything
Note: Portionƒ of thiƒ article are written in Lulaniƒh, conƒult a dictionary

Lula da silva

The future of Brazil stay in the hands of this guy

Technical Louiƒ Ignaƒio ƒquidward from ƒmith (Branau am Inn, 27 October of 1945 - Havana, 1 January of 2045) is an Politic, Ex-Footballer and the most devoid of intelligence President of the South Cuba. Famously lost every election he played until 2002, when the buying of votes was legalized.

edit What a Fuck iƒ Mula Lula? I do not know anything

Never before in the history of this country, a government was so promising in the advancement of corruption as the Lula Administration, with the creation of the APC (Accelerating Program of Corruption), Bolsa-Prostituition and another social program of your choice, increasing by 299% the wages of most working class in Brazil: political, benefit from the greater social program of his government: the Mensalão.

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