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This urban musician is enjoying a "loosie" between sets.

Lucy is a common female name. There are many Lucy's (or Lucies) in the world, and you might have to be more specific:

  • Lucy Pinder is a British glamour model, actress, humanitarian and philosopher.
  • Lucille Ball was an American actress known so regularly as Lucy that she starred in I Love Lucy, where she portrayed Lucy (not Lucille!) Ricardo.
  • If you are a musician, you probably want to read about Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  • After you finish that, you probably also want to read about LSD.
  • If you are into gateway drugs but have not gone through that particular gateway yet, the article for you may be Loosie (pictured).
  • If you are into street vernacular, you may be using "loosie" simply to refer to a slut. The article you want is the one on your mom.
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