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Albert Huffman, braniac, entheologist, inventor of LSD and employee of The Man. In this historical photo we see him here adjusting his acid formula to fuck you up even more.

“I am the eggman! They are the eggmen! I am the Walrus, goo goo g'joob!”
“Woah.. I can like.. see with my ears!”
~ Mr Tambourine man

LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide is an experimental drug adopted by the American pop culture in the 1960s as an alternative to alcohol. After incorrectly interpreting ancient Vedic texts instructing them to pick mushrooms, hippies and rock stars everywhere became addicts of a class A semisynthetic psychedelic drug.

In the late 1960s, Timothy Leary decried LSD as "A menace to society", and called for its outlaw, but it was not until Bob Dylan released his 10th album in 1970 that LSD was finally made illegal in the public domain.

edit Effects

Mind control

Lizards Seen Daily.

LSD can cause frightening side effects, including but not limited to: the enjoyment of Dark Side of the Moon, understanding the White Album, watching movies that star Elijah Wood, seeing patterns in the wall, going into outer space and back, becoming one with the grungy couch in the corner, finding a cat which repeatedly yells "NEOW NO MEOW" and doesn't run, and trying to stick the cat on a pair of Spring shoes , the ability to make your car turn into an air plane, the ability to discover and fully understand that a 90 degree corner just ends in two places at once (whooa), the ability to perceive reality as two separate screens playing distinctly different movies (when walking behind a companion), and having all the lights gone purple.

Many school children are currently feeling the effects, as the governments everywhere have made it compulsory for all milk cartons to be laced with the drug, in order to achieve a group of new-thinking individuals.

edit Everyday Uses of LSD


Sunrise is waaay better.

Commonly ingested at breakfast by meddlesome philosophers, this lovely head medicine can be yours for the price of a pizza. It can make space and time seem relative and subject to the mind, Jefferson Airplane may spontaneously appear in front of you and Timothy Leary's voice may echo softly through the room.

Psychodelic astro

Discover the joys of the moon, from the comfort of your own home!

It is therefore recommended that one only experiment with this volatile substance under the supervision of a trained professional, such as a drug dealer.

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