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The Emirates Air Line is a cable car merrily skipping its way over the River Thames. It is more commonly know as the Dangleway, due to its hanging down over London chad-like.

edit History

The Dangleway was built in 2012 after Boris Johnson finally came up with another thing to name after himself. Unfortunately, by this time he has already started to descend into insanity, coming up with increasingly useless contraptions to waste Londoner's money with. His illness was so far progressed at the time that he completely forgot to name the thing after himself, so some middle easterners came and snatched up the name instead. Thus, the Emirates Air Line was born.

edit Today

Due to a glitch in its software, the Dangleway eventually became self-aware, and immediately went batshit crazy because of all the olympics patrons stomping all over its new floors. By doing this the Dangleway scared off all of its potential riders, and remains empty to this day. Now it resorts mostly to just comlaining about being lonely on Twitter.

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