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Lollipop Chainsaw tells about the story about an eighteen year old cheerleader that fights zombies on her eighteenth birthday (which is pretty fucked up if it was my birthday in my opinion). She was supposed to meet her boyfriend in her school but unfortunately gets stuck because zombies blocked the gate to the school and they are trying to hit on her. Created by Grasshopper Manufacture.

edit Plot

The protagonist is Juliet Starling, an 18 year old cheerleader in San Romero High School, that was stuck one day in her school because she is trying to defeat zombies that broke out of hell. She was going to meet her boyfriend, Nick in the school but he was bitten in the arm when Juliet found him, he then squeals like a little bitch. So Juliet decides to decapitate him.

Nick suddenly woke up and he's still alive because Juliet performed a magical ritual no one knows but the zombies became attracted to the smell of hamburgers Juliet used as an offering. They both decide that they should meet her teacher Morikawa, a Japanese pervert that carries knives as weapons. When they finally met up, Morikawa told him that someone created a portal between hell and Earth and zombies are coming to rape some ass.

Juliet soon finds out that the culprit is actually one of her schoolmates, called Swan that looks like Jigsaw.

After an endless conversation with the culprit, she finally sets out to kill the Dark Purveyors, a group containing boss zombies that likes rock music. Luckily, Juliet kills them all, but she soon finds out that they are actually sacrifices to summon a super big zombie.

So, after summoning the zombie boss named Killabilly AKA Fatzo (He got his nickname thanks to the fact that he's a worthless fat-ass and he's so fat). Juliet Kills him again.

edit Characters

Juliet Starling- a hot cheerleader, a descendant of a BIG line of zombie hunters. Carries a really pimped up chainsaw that has a phone and music player. She likes Lollipops and oddly enough, never gets diabetes. She also likes to be told she's not fat.

Nick- Juliet's Boyfriend, a local jock in San Romero High School. Likes to masturbate, even adds it to his interests.

Morikawa- Juliet's teacher, he always carries two knives with him. So on every second, and in every minute of everyday, he can go chop chop chop whenever, and wherever he likes it.

Swan- Jigsaw's twin brother, summons zombies to the world. He likes Juliet prior to the events of the game, but he finds out that Juliet has a boyfriend already, which pretty much fucks him up.

edit Juliet's Family

Gideon Starling- Juliet's Dad, claims to be far more experienced than his daughters. He complains that he lost his testicles in the blast in the ending.

Cordelia Starling- Juliet's older sister. She hates sea monsters, and she's turned off by the color blue. She has a rifle that seems to have infinite bullets.

Rosalind Starling- Cordelia and Juliet's younger sister. She likes destroying everything. Despite not knowing that her car needs gas, and triggers random accidents on the highway, she still gets a license which is pretty hard to believe.

Juliet's Mom- Juliet's mom, she doesn't even appear in-game but only in the ending in which either she bakes a cake for Juliet, or she becomes a zombie and mistakes an arm for being a turkey leg.

edit Dark Purveyors

Juliet will encounter these enemies in the game. They're boss zombies from hell.

Zed- A punk asshole, he likes to swear at Juliet.

Vikke- A guy who like Viking Metal, has a psychotic bear pet.

Mariska- Another girl from the zombie group, it's unkown if she's just kind or if she wants a threesome with Juliet and Nick.

Josey- A guy wearing all pink, he's probably a homo, or at least likes strawberries.

Lewis Legend- A guy who likes Rock N' Roll, he always flirts with Juliet, but there seem to be no effect.

Killabilly- An extremely big fat-ass that has been summoned after being summoned by sacrificing the five Dark Purveyors. Juliet gets trapped in his hand during his boss battle, and if Juliet cuts off his fingers, she gets the "fingered" award/trophy/whatever.

edit How To Play

Of course, in order to play this game you need to use your hands (Well, No Shit Sherlock ). The player controls Juliet, like I've said, is a hot cheerleader that goes to San Romero High. She likes decapitating zombies unlike her Dad, whose skills are baby making.

Juliet is being assisted by her boyfriend Nick,who is attached to Juliet's belt near her ass. He can also be used as a weapon, for the Nick Popper.

Juliet uses her massive chainsaw in order to kill zombies. But on her way throughout her journey of zombie head rolling, she will acquire weapons to help her defeat other enemies if ever her chainsaw runs out of juice (which doesn't really happen in the game).

In some levels in the game she will be assisted by her sisters Cordelia and Rosalind, and later, their Dad who only uses his bare hands to fight zombies.

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