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A friendly little bunch.

Loco Roco Was a poorly built game for the Commodore 64. It put you into the role of Loco Roco, a punk of a man who spat at crime and got all of the apple juice. Naturally, that was not what this article is about, but it is something nice to know. The game we are looking at is a colorful platformer on the Threepwood's Choice Handheld gaming system (also known as a PSP).

edit History of Loco Roco


Japanese design in its mediocrity

This game now available to download on select sites you can find on google is a charming? little two dimensional platformer in which you must die. You must meld together with other life-forms to destroy an almost harmless enemy that wants to make things turn black. It's not evil; they just like exterior design. You use your mind (or the L and R buttons if you are an idiot) to move the environment to get your little blue friend(s) to do your bidding.

edit Reception

This game was reviewed by a set of cats, who praised it for its originality. Then it was reviewed by IGN, who said "This stupid game makes no sense. I'd rather watch an episode of The Simpsons than play this stagnant pool of a game." Obviously that was not written by IGN but by the crazed false Comedian Seth McFarlane who, drunk on his own sense of power (and booze) attacked the simpsons in any way possible. It's not his fault he does not understand comedy, it's his father's fault. And his no-good uncle.

edit Characters in Loco Roco

Loco- A small insignificant yellow...thing. Roco- Loco's foil: A blue robot that makes pizza on demand Professor Honeymelon- A traveling scientist who teaches fundamental Shintoism to Loco and Roco. He does it solely to make money. He is later shot. Mrs. Loci - A woman from Sony Pictures who tries to interrupt the game in any way possible to get that 14 minutes of fame.

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