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In this current age of global terror and threat of nuclear destruction many countries still need to keep their military arm in prime condition. In each military arm there are units that are given "elite" status thanks to their speciality on a certain terrain or just because of their brutal strength. The units listed below are the most elite units in the World currently operating today. Some are so secretive you may never have heard of them before.

edit Currently Active Elite Military Units of the World

  • Belgian Mountain Troops - Specialised infantry troops trained on the slopes of the tallest mountain in the Low Countries to deal with alpine terrain.
  • Bolivian Navy - A dedicated naval task force capable of delivering high quality protection of Bolivia's ports and sea trade routes.
  • The A-Team - A crack squad of undercover operatives trained in flying tanks and blowing things up.
  • 99th Red Balloon Infantry - German fun-loving, tough infantry unit capable of blowing enemy units away.
  • Italian Tank Regiment - The proudest regiment in the Italian Army. Known for their amazing technological advancements in inventing the reverse gear.
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