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Liquid fail (Liquideus-Hilarious) has been around since before the Dinosoar ages. No one really knows how it was discovered, although its properties are amazingly rare and expensive. Its contents are used by the American Government to make any country that questions their power lose a war. Although, during the Korean War, America had used all the possible liquid fail on a mime, to see if it would work. It did.

edit Price

Liquid failure is priced at around $23,000 U.S. dollars per mililiter. Alough it's insanley expensive, it is rather easy to make, while at the same time, incredibly painful and humiliating. There are many other prices in other countries, based on the number of fails occuring in that country, while pure old fashond American fail is the best and cheapest, because of all the fail.

edit Descriptions

Liquid fail is a rather heavy and sticky red substance, with the consistancy of syrup. Its flavor is unknown, becuase any person that drank it immediatly dies a painful and funny death. Many people have claimed that liquid fail does not exist, but when presented with the deadly fluid, they were stupid enough to drink it. stock-photo-eppendorf-vial-with-red-liquid-isolated-on-black-background-16454647.jpg

I.E. Billy Koupolis, Born July 15, 1995. Died Febuary 2, 2010 from falling off of his bike while riding it down the street. Seems harmless? Well, when he fell off, he skidded into the road, was hit by a semi-truck 18 wheeler, then flew into a vat of acid being build next door, jumped out of the acid, was attacked by an Alaskan arctic bear, then killed by an Asian Panda. All of this occured in Florida. So, who questions the power of fail now? Thought so...

edit How to Make

The equasion is rather simple... Humiliation+video camera/picture camera+pain+(optional) death+A highly expensive coolant=Liquid fail Unless you want to die, I don't suggest trying this equasion. Lolz, you fail.

edit Purposes

You can use liquid failure to make your enemies fail or die, to ensure a suicide on yourself, or just slup your unsuspecting friend a swig of pure funny... FOR YOU!

edit Other Versions

- Liquid Win

- Liquid

- Anti-Christ piss

- Blood

edit History

200,000 B.C.- Liquid fail discovered and recorded.

79, A.D.- Liquid fail was drunk.

79, A.D., 30 seconds later- Mt. Vesuvius eruption

1946, A.D., Japan-You can guess what happened.

2004, A.D.- Bush wins election

2009 A.D.- American economy collapse

2012 A.D.-I wonder


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