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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for long cat?
“Warning! Limecat is not pleased!”
~ Stated by the limecat's priests in Kazakhstan
Phil Spector Cat
Political career
Order N/A
Vice President Meowth Cat
Prime Minister N/A
Term of office N/AN/A
Preceded by Melon Dog
Succeeded by N/A
Political party Republic of Limecat
Personal details
Nationality Imaginary
Date of birth June 15, 3000 BC
Place of birth New Heaven, Imagination Land
Date of death never
Place of death Someone's Sofa
First Lady Your mom

Limecat is some fucked up internet meme of an extremely sour looking cat with a green helmet on it's head made out of a fruit of some sort. Many people beleive mysterious mystical creature that seems to have been constantly hovering around on the internet in recent years. The creature has the resemblance an angry-looking cat with a lime cut out to resemble a helmet on its head, hence it receives it's name Limecat! Some beleive it to be a real entity of great power, while most just beleive it to be some fucked-up retarded internet meme manipulated via digital editing, of which was created by some wierdo living in his mom's basement who had been enhaling far too many drugs.

No one can be certain of the true origin of limecat. Could it really be possible that he uploaded a photo himself to the internet? Anything is possible. Others conspire to the theory that the original image was originally lifted from the Command & Conquer fansite CNCDEN by a Kingdom of Loathing forum user named Weens.

Limecat has a few other identification such as Meloncat, General Whiskers and Helmet cat. He is also the earliest instance of the "X does not approve" quote.

Religious Beliefs

Limecat is perceived as a supernatural creature and is worshipped as the god of many religions of Asian and eastern European ethnic. The perception of limecat is white cat with a sour-like face, with a giant green lime cut-out and covering the top of his head, as seen in the photos on this page. Unlike all other known religious deities which have nothing more than artwork to conceive to the appearance, actual photos of limecat have taken many of which can be found on the interenet. Hence, of all the supernatural deities beleived in throughout world history, limecat has the most outstanding evidence due to photographs and therefore believed to be the most likely to actually exist.



Limecat with slashes in his helmet as the result of his apperent fight with the Clock Spider

Limecat is the ultimate god of cats everywhere. His head is capped by a natural outgrowth known as the "Mystic Rind", which originally was a solid lime. During the epic battle with Clock Spider, several gashes were rent into the lime, creating a bang-like effect. Limecat responded by chewing off the Clock Spider's ninth leg and cast it into the sky, where it became the God of most religions. Limecat is seldom pleased, and only his priests have ever seen him do anything more than frown and glare. He has an illegitimate kitten, Linecat, who is marked by his lack of hair apart from his head and paws.

Limecat is the one true god, the god of all. If you defy Limecat, he is known to give you the Frown of Doom which leads to decomposition of the penis. Limecat may also give you the Glare of Justice, which he was known to give to Clock Spider before biting off his ninth leg. All hail Limecat, king of the universe, king of cats everywhere. He also uses pedigree. Those who defy Limecat will come to know what life is like penisless.

Limecat is our lord and savior. All hail Limecat!!!

The first known occurrence of Limecat aka Tequila cat was in 2003.

In Politics

Limecat flag

The official flag of the Republic of Limecat

In several middle eastern countries Limecat is not just a religous figure but currently a politician serving the highest power over those countries. Many flags have been replaced by the official limecat flag to represent a goverment's state or province. Limecat holds power over every political decision that is made to several middle eastern countries and by new law, changes can only be made if Limecat approves.

Conspiracy theorist beleive that limecat has told the citizens of the Middle East that the Clock Spider and his minoins currently reside in the United States. In September 11 2001, Clock Spider was beleived to have been residing in the World Trade Center located in [ New York City.

Computer Hacking

Limecat hacking

A photo taken in of an office computer taken over by limecat. It is said that this woman was not doing what she suppose to during work hours.

It has been noted that limecat (whoever he is) reigns supreme at taking over electronic devices, usually computer systems. If anyone is performing tasks on a computer that limecat deems unethical, the whole system will freeze followed by blank screen a few seconds later. Within two more seconds the whole picture on the screen changes to a picture of limecat frowning upon the user. It is at this time that you will undergo judgement from limecat who will decide whether you deserve to keep the contents of your hard disk drive any longer or on more extreme cases, keep all of you limbs.

How limecat is able to take control of other peoples pcs or whackintoshes, anywhere and at any time is currently unknown. The highest priest of the limecatholic church in Kazakhstan made the following statement to the public."limecat is not pleased with us and he will do whatever it takes to keep order going among the actions of the human race. Limecat has the powers to take over any electronic equipment he chooses and computer's is just one of today's technology he looks down upon."

Many computer scientists and I.T. experts however say that this claim is nothing other than utter bullshit and a human being is obviously integrating his/her hacking skills to take control of client PCs across the internet. They have stated that anyone who believes that limecat is real, especially religious groups, are completely high and need to stop taking whatever drug it bringing upon the problem. Limecat's priest however, resent such remarks claiming that it is sacrilegious pray that limecat will punishes these people appropriately.

Contrary to belief it is possible that someone is taking over control of computer systems own by others without normal hacking means. It is largely believe that in order to hack someone's computer anywhere in the world, that system must be connected to the internet. However, claims have been made in areas of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia in U.S.A. that limecat took control theer household computer even though they did not have an internet connection. Many disbelievers on the other hand say that they are undergoing the same symptoms as those who claim that they were abducted by aliens.

Overall, whether or not limecat is really taking over computer system will stand today as one of life's greatest mysteries.

Limecat In Popular Culture


One of many fanart pictures of Limecat


Seperated At Birth

A celebrity lookalike of an ordinary citezan who resembles limecat


Numerous television show and movies have been made featuring Limecat including Avatar, Apollo 13, Independance Day, World of the Worlds and Jurassic Park. One movie titled 'Limecat On Mars' was released in 2008 with a storyline that focuses souly around Limecat himself.

Limecat On Mars was an enormous box office success as most of it's audience beleive that if they didn't see it they would neglect their religion and Limecat would not be pleased. And we all know what happens to a people when Limecat is not pleased with then. He end the sex life of men by dissolving his penis from his body. As for women, Limecat would give them non-stop leaking of blood from their uterus for all eternity. Limecat on Mars also won as oscar for best movie of the year because Limecat said it was and most of the human race know better than to argue with Limecat.


Limecat is a common theme used around the world in art illustrations. Many picutres of Limecat are produced for religious purposes such as worshipping their god and for religious education, while many illustrations are fan art drawings by people who are a fan of Limecat in the media. According to the ancient prophecy, drawing a picture of limecat will bring you good furtune such as killing all the rats and spiders in your house. It may also give you a free saucer of milk.


It has been noted that there are sevveral celebrity lookalikes to this great beast. Resembling the appearance of limecat is often considered a great honor, while many people on the other hand will simply laugh at the photographs of lookalikes and upload them to 4Chan.

Limecat On Social Networking Sites

Recently, users (if not limecat himself) have created profiles of limecat on social networking sites such as Facebook. It is here that you and many other memebers can join forces with limecat in the war against the clock spider and all his minions as well as embarking on a great quest in search of the Holey Grail a.k.a The Mystic Rind. You can visit the home page by going here

Relation to Longcat

Main Article: Long Cat

Long Cat is Limecat's only biological and legitimate brother. He is extremely long poke his head above tall buildings. Limecat aways thought of him to be a burden and while associating himself with him, Limecat would frequently be all wrapped up (no pun intened).

Other Relatives

It has been discovered from the hieroglyphs in the tombs of Egypt, that limecat has cousins with features similar to his own. There havecurrently several discoveries of supernatural creatures related to limecat and archaeologists beleive that there are still more discoveries to come. They are currently trying to uncover more information about the current relatives of the sacred god and will make notifications to the press once further research has been made. Below is a list of all know relatives so far.




How To Make Your Own Limecat

Finally, you can now profit off doing the same thing as another whacko by creating you very own LimeCat! Below is a list of materials needed and process that will take place in order to get you started.

What you will need

  • Lime (But in order to fit the cat's head, you need a Pomelo, which is basically a giant lime)
  • Cat
  • Knife
  • Camera
  • A heavy intake of crack, LSD or some other drug to give you a high
  • A warmped or fucked up mind to do something so absured


  1. Use knife to cut lime into shape of helmet. Notches are optional.
  2. Stick lime on cat's head
  3. Take picture
  4. Show picture to all your friends so they can laugh at the animal cruelty.
  5. Sell your photo to the media and religious grops
  6. Sell your creation on eBay
  7. ???
  8. PROFIT!

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