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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to Les Stroud.
Les Stroud

Les Stroud, age 14, during one of his first filmed wilderness expeditions.

“All you need is a [insert plant], some [insert stick / rock / animal feces], and a good multitool.”
~ Les Stroud on surviving in the wilderness
“Bastard couldn't survive his way out of a paper bag!”
~ Bear Grylls on Les Stroud

Les Stroud is a Canadian musician, film maker, hunter, telivision personality, forager, bushman, and all-around badass. He is famous for creating the television program Survivorman: Crazy Nature Shit, in which he films himself surviving alone in the wilderness for several years at a time, often with no food, water, or clothing. He is also a prolific country musician and has released several albums under the stage name "Les Stroud". Stroud is also the sworn enemy of survivalist Bear Grylls.

Relationship with Bear Grylls

Bear stroud

Bear Grylls' infamous attempt to munch on Les Stroud's head.

During the filming of his TV series, Stroud happened to come across Bear Grylls surviving a live taping of Oprah. Stroud made a mention about the use of camera crew, SUVs, guns, free nights at any Best Western, and room service on Grylls' show Man vs. Wild. Grylls allegedly called him a "pussy" and attempted to eat him, claiming that he would be a "good source of protein". This sparked a years-long feud between Stroud and Grylls, which has resulted in several lawsuits, a complete colectomy, hurt feelings, three children, and a divorce settlement.


  • Survivorman: I Just Ate a Squirrel or Some Crazy Shit* (1987)
  • Les Stroud Survives Celine Dion's Entire Discography* (1991)
  • The 1993 Poodle Parade Show* (TV Special, host) (1993)
  • Survivorman: This Place Has Some Freakishly Big-ass Spiders and Shit* (1993)
  • Les Stroud's: One Night in the Middle of Fucking Nowhere* (Sex tape) (1996)
  • Cooking with Shit I Found Living in That Log Over There* (TV Special) (1998)
  • Les Stroud's: Doing It Behind the Neighbourhood Arby's* (Sex Tape, sequel) (2001)
  • Survivorman: Crazy Nature Shit* (TV Series) (2006-2007)
  • Les Stroud Teaches You How to Make Sangria in the Toilet / Survivorman's Guide to Shanking* (Double Feature) (2007)
  • Survivorman and the Regina Best Western (with continental breakfast)* (2009)
  • Survivorman vs. Bear Grylls Cage Match* (Pay-per-view event, WWE) (2009)
  • Survivorman: Stranded With Celine in a Canoe* (Upcoming film) (2010)


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