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Evans had the unusual misfortune of being born with his hand stuck to his face, this caused many problems throughout his adult life until it was surgically removed at age 33

Testicle 'Lee' Evans (born 25 February 1964) is the world's first monkey-human hybrid and alleged comedian. He was snatched from the wild at age 5 when it was discovered that he could talk and is now kept locked in a cage in Jonathan Ross's basement, where he is ruthlessly exploited for money and sexual favours. He is only allowed out twice a year when he is forced to perform in return for bananas, and so he literally has to do this to survive.

Born in the Amazon Jungle in 1705, Evans is the lovechild of Norman Wisdom and King Kong. He was initially unwanted and left to fend for himself but managed to somehow survive until he was snatched by Mr Ross at a young age and the rest is history.

edit Career

edit Stand-up Comedy

Although a relatively unknown "comedian", in a short period of time Evans has achieved fairly modest success. In fact at the peak of his career he was performing to some 30 people at the Clacton-On-Sea working men's club, where he got the occasional laugh and didn't even get booed off until the very end of his set. It was around this time he discovered that a cretinous demographic would consider him a comedian for pulling faces, speaking in an idiotic voice and pretending to deflate and inflate like a balloon.


Evans relaxing in his natural habitat

This has inspired him to go on and hopefully achieve even greater things in the future, and he hopes soon to perform at bigger venues such as the pub across the street and his Nan's house.

edit Live At The Apollo

Following Evans' successful sets in pubs and clubs, he moved into comedy on TV. Since he had little experiece of how to crack jokes on TV they decided that he should fill in for ill highly respected comedians on the popular BBC Live show (although I doubt it is live?!) "Live At The Apollo". Eventually after getting a standing ovation when he left the stage after one set, the BBC decided to give him a perminant slot on the show. Thanks to appearing on the show he also managed to get to airtime on Channel Four on that comedy show....you know which one we mean! In 2007 Evans was critised by some reviewer claming that his set was always the same and that he offered nothing new.

edit Stand-up DVD's

In order to milk his success as much as he could, Evan's filmed every set he did and released them on several DVD's. His most famous was his 'Universal Tour' in which he performed all over the universe. His gig on the planet Zigtron to 100,000 ziggys was released on DVD in March 2009.

edit CSI:Swansea

He has had his first main acting role which doesn't comprimise him acting like a sweaty monkey in the cult TV show CSI: Swansea a role which he has played since the start of the show and will continue to do so until series five which will air between 2010 and 2011. It was announced the he was to leave when his contract ran out but was later revealed that he had been sacked from the series when he rang in claiming to be "ill" so that he could go away and film an easter special of Doctor Who. As he was meant to be filming 500 episodes of CSI:Swansea back-to-back the producers were left with no choice but to sack him and cast someone who will obey their rules. In May 2009 it was announced that the crazy Vic Reeves had been cast to take over Evans role. Evan's will film his final scenes for CSI:Swansea whenever he can be arsed.

edit Doctor Who

He appeared in an episode of Doctor Who for Easter 2009 - no joke!

edit Britannia Mafia

He is now appearing a lead role in Britannia Mafia a series created by BBC presenter James May, who irony of ironies was stated as two of the actors who was being tipped to replace Evan's on CSI:Swansea.

edit Films

Evans constantly mentioned in interviews that he would like to break America and get into film roles, although this is not likely to happen unless it is a western where he can sweat like a monkey in the apprent "heat".

edit Family Life

He met his wife Betty Swallbag in 1935, two years after they had been married. They made love once, and produced one child, but she was 'very disappointing and a bit of a let-down' and they didn't love her enough to bother giving her a name so as of right now she is simply referred to as 'Untitled'.

Utterly bored of her face after just one year, Evans and his wife decided the best course of action would be to flog her on Ebay. They managed to get a tenner for her which pleased Lee but then disaster struck when he squandered it all down the bookies and won fuck all. What a cunt!!!.

edit A Typical Performance

Most Lee Evans performances last approximately 2-3 minutes, with him stumbling on stage to unenthusiastic and sympathetic applause, before he headbutts the microphone, mumbles something about how nervous he is and then proceeds to sweat 5 times his body weight until he collapses and has to be revived. That is if he hasn't already been booed off.

edit Controversy

On 21st December 2011, In an interview with Pierce Morgan on the Jonathan Ross Show, Lee stated that his favourite comedian was Michael McIntyre and really, he thought his own comedy performances were shit and at one point in his life, he had attempted surgery to make himself look just as chinese as Mr McIntyre. This of course, Failed miserably.

edit Death

On the 26th December, The whole world (but mainly Essex where all the downsyndrome chavs live) suffered a tragic loss. At 4:06 am, Lee's Good friend and long time pen pal Terry Wogan payed him a visit, only to come across Lee's motionless, naked body. On close examination, there was a banana stuffed up Lee's anus and a Michael McIntyre 'Hello Wembley' DVD covered in semen tucked under his 25 inch penis (the main reason for his ridiculous sweat problem, try keeping that monster under control).

In a panic, Terry decided it was best not to call the police and instead, threw Lee in the trunk of his car and drove off a cliff and into the ocean. Neither Terry or Lee's bodies were ever found...apart from when it comes to children in need when convicted paedophile Wogan comes back from the dead for some reason.

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