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Lead fish

The only member of 'The First Church of Lead Fish' pays tribute to the almighty one...

“In Soviet Russia, fish leads YOU!!”
~ Russian Reversal on Lead Fish
“This fish could endangerate nobody in particular...TO WAR!!”
~ George Bush on Lead fish

"Lead Fish" are a species of fish 3 miles long, powered by steam, and made out of 99% lead and 1% pine. The lead fish is a rather interesting creature much like its parent - the giant space shrimp. The fish resides in John Prescott's stomach where it feeds on what he eats(little children), which for anything other than a lead fish would be lethal.

edit History of the Lead Fish

Metal fish

An early representation of the Lead Fish, those victorians loved their metal men!

Discovered by sea astronauts over 200 hundred years ago, the Lead fish awoke from a million year sleep. Made with simple technology by the dinosaur elders, he was worshipped as a god. Lead was used as they saw on the internet that it was both strong and light, for such intelligent creatures they really are stupid. Steam power was used because it is the most popular of all dinosuarian technologies, they haven't quite mastered nuclear power due to the stubbyness of their toes and the fact that they hired the scientists who worked on Chernobyl. He is not gentically related to the Planet eating Space Shrimp, but he was treated like a son. The Space Shrimp let him survive under the Artic Ocean of John Prescotts digestive system, while he massacared all the Dinosaurs because one of them called him Gay...

He is generally known as approaching the intelligence of. George Bush

As the fish sits at the bottom of the stomach it sings it's song which goes like this:

edit He Sings His Song

I'm the lead fish powered by steam,
I live in the stomach of a cabinet MP,
I'm related to the european sea bream,
I can sing catchey songs to a tolerable degree.

As I sing my song egg and chips float by,
And I wonder what he's having for dessert,
To my surprise he ate 5 blueberry pies,
And the ambulance was on the alert.

edit Discography

  • Crabbey Road
  • Nine Inch Whales
  • Smells Like Bream Spirit
  • Shrimp Bizkit - Chocolate Leadfish
  • Clams n' Roses - Appeteite For Plankton
  • Sink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Tuna
  • Codplay - Chips&Pie
  • Linkin Carp - Haddock Theory
  • Codplay - Rush Of Crud To The Lead
  • Sink Floyd - Fish You Were Here
  • Sink Floyd - Atom Carp Mother
  • Koi Kill Boy
  • No Trout
  • Stickelback - The Long Toad
  • The Water Beatles - Twist & Trout
  • Bream - Bohemian Bassderdy
  • Badly Prawn Koi
  • Shellfish Presley
  • Tina Tuna - Shrimply The Best
  • Mackerel Jackson - Kriller
  • Clammstein - Ich Krill

edit Filmography

  • James Pond in Goldfishfinger
  • Shark Trek: Koiager
  • Not Another Bream Movie
  • Legally Pond
  • Crustacian Street
  • Emmerwhale
  • Ally McEel
  • The Shrimpsons
  • Seal Or No Seal
  • The Cod Father
  • Star Fish Wars - The Plankton Menace
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