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ED-209 on Star Trek.

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ED-209 (February 16, 1986-199X) is a cyborg sent back in time to help with the war against the machines, but when these plans are de-railed he ends ends up fighting in the war against the machines.

edit Mission Start

ED-209 first appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Viewers had been receiving hints that there would be an android on the show. No sooner had he appeared on screen than everyone knew who the android was: ED-209!

edit Taste the Feel of Robotic Visionary

To get a taste of what it feels like to be a robot,

  1. Find a comb.
  2. Take the comb.
    2A. Wash the comb.
  3. Dry the comb.
  4. Grab the comb goodwise fashion aiming tip pointer finger outways toward the front. Place finger (index) and comb toward top of nose horizontal fashion rotated teeth downward, being careful not to hurt the nose. See through the comb and turn to a black man.

Congratulations. You are now officially a Robot. You may now take the alias Mr. Ed.

  1. Give the comb back.
  2. Apologize to comb pwner.

edit The transition to Detroit


Levar Burton in the ED-209 Battle Armor costume.

A biological clone of ED-209, this time human, and with biological eyes, was produced for the movies by Captain Picard, who then sent the original back in time to help with the war against the machines in 1997.

He got lost when RoboCop, using his horns, grabbed him in the middle of time travel and made him stay in Detroit in 199X, because RoboCop can do that.

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