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“I close this thread and hence are the winner.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Last Post Wins
“Curse those admins and their insta-win ability!”
~ Everyone on Admins in Last Post Wins

Last Post Wins is an MMO game most likely developed by 4chan and/or something else horrible in the early 2000's. The simple concept around this was to post in a thread (in a forum, not a spider thread dummy), and hope no-one else does. The game takes place on many battlegrounds, each with it's own bunch of bot adversaries to challenge the players, ranging from easy (asleep most of the time), to Admin (OMG he can end the game at will!). Players have to battle against both themselves and the bots, under various rules depending on the forum battleground. These can include:
Time limits on how long it takes for no-one to post for the current last post to win,
Limits on how big the thread can get (1000 is usually the number),
Inflated amounts of bots or none at all (ie: Forums that rarely get used. Such forums are generally one's someone made just so he could be an admin in something).

edit Rules of playing

1. You must post such a way that is not considered spam, but still makes you the current last post holder. This means going "AAAAAAAA!" is prohibited in most battlegrounds. As is languages other than the official language of the battleground (usually English).
2. No haxxing of opponents accounts. The only exception to this rule is when you have to hax the admins account to have any chance of winning.
3. No purposely double posting, especially not when there's a post limit.
4. Breaking of any of the rules will result in being ejected from that particular battleground for a period of time. Repeat offenders may be ejected from the game altogether.

edit Rowdiness

In many cases, particually in forums with generally lax rules, the thread gets blown apart in a desperate attempt by the players to beat each other to the last post. Large pictures are often used to ward off the competitors with slow internet. Some posters post stuff that would be considered spam and may or may not get away with it, depending on how the admin feels like on that day. Some threads have even disintegrated into full-blown flame wars, but this is an undesirable tactic as it almost gurantees someone to post after you and becomes a game of luck of when the admin will intervene and close the thread to stop the war. Players of this game should be careful of how easily the thread could turn in a jumbled mess.

edit Controversy

The ability for an admin of a particular battleground to post, then immediately close the thread has always been a controversial issue, the biggest instance of this problem occurred during the 2007 World Championships hosted by Something Awful, when one of the competitors managed to become an admin on the forum, and the next day closed the thread, hereby winning. Shortly afterwards, the runners of the MMO attempted to stop this from ever happening again by appointing non-playing admins that could re-open any thread that an admin closed in order to win, so as to give non-admins a legitimate chance at winning again. This seemed to stop most of the close-to-win strategies dead in their tracks, although some instances still slip through the cracks.

edit Prizes for winning


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