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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for woolly mammoth?
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for cake?

Large Text is pretty self-explanatory. It's, well, Big Writing.

===Uses of Large T. Large text can also be found in the virtual world, you know that thing that exists when you're not on the computer. In publishing, large print is used to help poorly sighted people to read better, a hearing aid for the poorly sighted. Common use of big writing is by students who don't have much to write usually from spending the lesson doing stupid things, therefore sizing the writing enormously in order to fool the blind ill-humoured idiot into thinking they've done more work. This however never prevails.

Web 2.0

Large text is absolutely essential when creating Web 2.0 pages. If people can read your writing, you have failed.

Large text was invented by Charles Darwin while he was running in circles he hit a tree and had a vision, but before he could tell someone he died of a concussion.

Bad formatting

If the tag is placed in front of the text without inserting a new line the tags become confused and the text becomes overlapped. Annoyingly, after a line or two of the text in question, it just becomes a congealed mess of pointless squiggles and useless gibberish. This is a waste. Often this nonsense is done simply to provoke anger in other people.
You see what I mean? Or are you the average Joe who just doesn't get it? Either way, you should be able to read this with no problem whatsoever unless you are deaf or mute.

Alternatives to Large text

Small text is the obvious alternative to large text. It is used to hide that writing in the contract you signed saying you are now ruled by your bank. Small text is used because it is the typing equivalent of whispering. Text amplification devices like a magnifying glass can be used to make the text louder.

See Also

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  • Really big text makes this page look like Small Text.
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