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Slow children

Think of the children when driving through Bumblefuck and watch out for red balls

“I am astounded that no quotes have been added to this page yet”
~ Oscar Wilde

Bumblefuck, commonly known as The Middle of Fucking Nowhere, is a region located exactly west of Bumfuck and south of Nowhere. It has a population of 5000 "Special" citizens (or 0 depending on if Hitler came in and decided send everyone to Super-Happy-Fun-Camp) as well as a variaty of medical personell to make sure everyone is taking their Vitamins. Most residents can be found in the Town Square either with their heads up their asses or trying to make a case for Scientology.

Retard running bus

The town scientist carpooling to work like everyone else.

edit Geography of Bumblefuck

Bumblefuck is a lot like your average town, it has a town, a couple farms and villages and even a forest. In fact, the only real difference between where You live and the town of Bumblefuck is that everyone in Bumblefuck hasn't had the opportunity to try riding Your Mom yet. (You didn't know? Why did you think your neighbors always wanted to come over and have a private chat with your mom?)

edit The Town

The town of Bumblefuck is where the elite of the retards tend to hang out (they're the ones who get the Scooby-Doo lunchbox instead of your gay little red power ranger one). Some of the elite here are George Dubya Bush, Bill Gates and . At exactly 13 O'Clock in Bumblefuck time (the square root of central time multiplied by retards love of stickers on their lunchbox divided by IQ of George Bush divided by I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK) everyone goes to the town square to elect a new leader to help make reforms for Bumblefuckians (as many of them have been complaining inadequate housing and clothing for everyone). However, ever since the first election, when all the ballots had to be used as toilet paper due to a shortage of Bibles and Womens Magazines (leading to some very chaffed anuses with the words "vote for Bob" written on the cheeks), the leader was determined to be whoever could shout the loudest. Because of this every election Billy Mays ends up being the winner and decrees everyone has to drink Kaboom and eat Mighty Putty and crap out some new york style burgers (yummy).

edit The Village

The village is where the mentally handicapped (AKA "DURRRRR") peasants live. These guys have the life, they wake up each morning like its going to be their Last Day, each morning their "helpers" give them delicious pancakes and they can sprinkle as much sugar on their waffles as they want, oh and they get free syrup which they like to coat their pancakes with. After a deep post-waffle sleep their favorite "helper" changes them from pajamas and into an adorable little pirate costume they then play a fun pirate game together called "Swords and Holes". Now is the scariest part of the day. They must leave the waffles and pirate games and leave with nothing but a red power ranger in one hand and a lunchbox with peanut butter jelly and chocolate milk. They walk to the bus stop and take the short bus to school. See! They're not so different from the average American, they strap their helmets on one velcro strap at a time just like everyone else (especially you)!
Retard BU

Just another day in Bumblefuck for this citizen


edit The School


School Motto: Hey everybody who wants to learn how to spell?

(For those wanting to know about the higher education opportunities in Bumblefuck please see Bumblefuck University or go to their website at www.bumblefuckuniversity.edu/DURR/ILIKECHOCOLATEMILK/HAHA). While few retards have the ever become smart enough the get a scholarship to Bumblefuck University many of them attend the prestigious Sir-Spellsalot school for kids who wear helmets and smack their chests. This prestigious school boasts over 50 nap rooms, 20 Tickle Me Emo dolls, is the only school where every student gets an A (for Autistic) and every class has a 10 minute snack time every hour.

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