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LAKE is a lo-fi Indie Pop band from Mount Olympus Jr., Warshington. The first characteristics of the band that are usually described is their propensity to harmonize male and female vocals and their use of guitars, keyboards, and sometimes horns. A very obscure act, they are perhaps most notable for having two of their songs featured on Adventure Time.

Formed in the mid-2000s, LAKE has consisted most consistently of the dynamic duo Ashley Erikssauce and Eli Moar. Their current bandmates are Andrew Doorstep and Darkly Doorzone. A versatile band, the amount of LAKE's members has varied greatly and changes every month or so. At its largest, LAKE has consisted of twelve mini-golf monks accompanying Eli and Ashley. At its smallest, LAKE has consisted of a cat named Enoch on keyboards and a drunken bum named Johnsauce on percussion.

edit History

edit Development (2005-2009)

LAKE was formed in, like, maybe 2005, by Eli Moar and Ashley Erikssauce. This dynamic duo lived in a place beside the sea where they wandered through the forest and did so as they pleased. Their epic skill in instrumentation and postmodern poetry united them with a group of twelve monks who worshipped mini-golf in bandishness. In 2006, they recorded their first album, On Par, which was sold exclusively in alleys and made a total of 35 sales for five dollars American. Spending the summer scouting for people non-sketchy enough to sell the chocolate-and-vinyl record, they met a man known only as Johnsauce. Distinguishable from other bums by his simultaneous wearing of three trenchcoats containing large flasks, Johnsauce listened to the album and decided to represent LAKE.

The year 2007 was riddled with the weddings of relatives of the band-members. LAKE performed at every one. At the last one, a spoopy Halloween hootenanny, LAKE's performance of such Halloween hits as "The Monster Mash" and "The Dark Ones are Coming to Steal my Soul", caught the attention of Baphomefilius, who attempted to sign LAKE to Spoopjuice Records and turn their style from postmodern to postmortem. He was interrupted by K, who challenged him to a guitar duel. The awesome guitar-skill of K and Baphomefilius caused their perceptions of reality to collapse into a tunnel of consciousness that connected their minds. The high levels of magic decay that radiated from the duel began to distort the site of the reception. After a ten-minute epic jam, K gained the upper hand and fired a guitar-laser-beam at Baphomefilius, who was thus blasted to the opposite wall, admitting defeat. LAKE was signed to K Records, sometimes known as Krecords. After LAKE recorded a cover of the classic Pavement song "Dismantle the Candlemaker", ten of the monks left the band to pursue spiritual connections with the various mini-golf-balls, mostly the blue one.


K during the guitar duel. At this point, he had not yet grown his cosmic beard.

LAKE's album Oh, the Places We'll Go shows the flexibility of LAKE's genre, with the vibes of their songs ranging from gospelish to showing hints of the dark style that Baphomefilius wanted them to adopt. About halfway through the album's production, the remaining two monks left the band and joined fellow Indie-Poppers Sick Niagara; Johnsauce took both of their places for the song "Minor Trip". It was apparent that LAKE would face technical challenges in concert due to performance needs that Johnsauce simply could not satisfy. Things came into LAKE's favor when Andrew Doorstep and Darkly Doorzone of Sick Niagara joined them. Johnsauce left LAKE for a year for a soul-searching struggle for sobriety. Following the album's success (super-obscure-indie-band-level success), LAKE recorded a sequel to it, Oh, the Places at which we've been.

edit The Trip of Keys (2009-2011)

LAKE's album Let's Build a House contained the song "Christmas Island", which would prove to be a classic. Its lyrics were a return to the avant-garde autobiographical style of their earliest work, and its rather lengthy organ solo is a large contribution to the song's charm. But when it became the end-credits song for Adventure Time, it had the organ removed, and the lyrics were slightly altered so as to remove the implications of romance and, much more concerning, depression. At this point Johnsauce had failed to achieve sobriety. He rejoined LAKE, but soon afterwards his bandmates parted ways to pursue their own individual adventures.

Ashley Erikssauce made a solo quadruple-epic-concept-album titled Fifty Shades of Olympia.

Eli Moar wrote, directed, produced, and starred in an art-house film titled Fifty-Two Shades of Olympia.

Andrew Doorstep had an epic adventure in the Florida Keys.

Darkly Doorzone formed a cocoon in K's beard; in this dark, quiet place, he literally meditated himself to death.

Johnsauce spent some of his chocovinyl-Krecord-selling money on a cat he christened Enoch. For a while Johnsauce and Enoch were LAKE, and they improvised a song titled "Sauce Blues".

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Enoch's brief departure from the keyboards, about seven minutes into "Sauce Blues".

edit Indicating More Directions (2011-present)

When Darkly Doorzone died in his cosmic cocoon, the cosmic energy that filtered through the cocoon resurrected Darkly four seconds after he died. Darkly did not achieve any enlightenment while meditating or dead, and promptly burst from his cocoon and climbed down K's beard.

That day, LAKE reunited and began production of both Giving & Receiving and Living and Believing. Early on during songwriting, Johnsauce and Enoch left the band and joined Sick Niagara.

LAKE's more recent albums include the World is Real, Maybe the World is Fake, Circular Doorway, and Doorzone's Circle. Circular Doorway includes the gentle yet somewhat stomping "No Wonder I", which will be BMO's favorite song during the Age of Ooo, if the Adventure Time episode "Shh!" is anything to go by.

edit Fifty Shades of Olympia

Fifty Shades of Olympia contains fifty songs that tell the story of a man named Tom. Tom studies a mysterious purple rock that gives people a disease whose symptoms include purple where the whites of the eyes should be. After twenty songs of Tom thinking about his problems in life---divorce, a sketchy past including involvement in the mob, not having chocolate---Tom finally sets to work to create a cure for the disease. Then he faces the same problems for twenty more songs. At last he creates the cure, which cures the hundreds of people with the disease. In the last five songs of the album, Tom finalizes the divorce and purchases chocolate. One day whilst walking to a Dairy Countess, Tom is kidnapped by his former mob friends. The last ten seconds of the album features distorted synthesizer sounds that leave the ending up to the audience, although Applesauce has stated that Tom and the gang are suddenly attacked by a rival gang; Tom narrowly escapes.

edit Fifty-Two Shades of Olympia


In 2013, LAKE revealed that their band name stands for "Lincoln Ate Kerosene Eggs." Abraham Lincoln did in fact once eat scrambled eggs doused in kerosene. He and the man who served him the dish were both extremely drunk at the time, and they mistook the kerosene for molasses. As a result, Lincoln had difficulty tying his bowtie for the rest of his life.

Fifty-Two Shades of Olympia is fifty-two minutes of Morph eating breakfast cereal as a disco-ball spins behind him, with frequent cuts to him intently looking at a lamp without a lampshade. These two scenes alternate at an increasingly fast rate. This happens until each shot lasts a frame. After five seconds of this, Morph is seen eating breakfast cereal while intently looking at the disco-ball.

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