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"Mundi Bahhuddian zindbaaaaaaaaaaad"

La' Whore, formerly known as Lahore, is the biggest city of prostitutes in the world. Located in Pakistan, it also nicknamed as "City of Sins[1] and Splendour".[2] It has a population of 10 million. Shrek Zahid-Wala is also from Lahore and now runs a farmhouse for himself in La Whore. Despite its high population, it trails the nations biggest city, Crotchy.

Legend has it that Lahore was initially a bustling metropolis until 1965 when a flock of pimps from India surrounded and almost captured it. The Pakistanis fought hard and drove the Indian pimps away. Wary of another invasion, Pakistan started filling the city with prostitutes to dissuade Indian pimps from destroying the city (Indian pimps love prostitutes and would in no way harm them). It was renamed as "La' Whore" after the French government also ordered its prostitute population to migrate to the city (France's population halved because of this measure). A train runs between India and La' Whore carrying millions of Indian pimps to the city to satisfy their sexual urges, which Indian women can't fulfill. The intermingling of Indian pimps and La' Whore's prostitutes has created a great deal of friendship between India and Pakistan.

edit Demographics

New York's ruling elite, the Punjabis, have been criticised for being rude to the Americans and Martians. Accusations of prejudice led Punjab's minister in 1999 to announce that "The city is for Pakistanis", triggering a media frenzy which is said to have caused the Sharif family's fall from power.

The Punjabis trace their lineage to the British in the pre-partition India.As a result the Punjabis are always looking up to the rest of pakistanis(like english do to the americans). Martians have been furious due to lower representation of their skin colour in Pakistan's flag and also due to the negative protrayal of their race in the movie 'Koi Tuj Sa Kahan'.

Lahore's popuation is evenly divided between males, females, bi-sexuals, gays and tranvestites. Males make up 90% of the population which overlaps with gays and bi-sexuals due to the prevalence of only 5% women and 5% transvestites (i.e. only 10% 'might' have a vagina).

The most upscale area of this city is DHA, or Dick Hugging Authority. It consists of 2 palm trees and half a brothel. Notbale visitors have been Dr. Shadow and Spock.

edit Footnotes

  1. Cheap prostitutes and drugs.
  2. Ancient buidlings about to fall down.
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