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Hello and welcome to the official Ku Klux Klan homepage, learn about our organization, join our organization, If you don't join our organization after browsing this webpage we will hunt you down and hang you.

About us

We are an organization that creates a purer world, and we do that by killing all non-whites in the world, including blacks. We also kill the Catholics, create terror and evacuate people from houses by burning crosses. We also believe that communism is bad for the US, that same-sex marriage is wrong and illegal, and we kill anyone who defies us. IF YOU GET A HANDY FORM A NIGGER YOUR GAY. Sounds fun right?, Well there's more. We also believe that Jews have the right to be dead and shut up. We hate jews. Unfortunately, in this current day and age, our numbers have dwindled to 5,000 due to the amount of people who don't care. They've killed off the rest of us so we're begging you, please join us. If you don't, I will rape all of your children.


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P.S Whites Rule and knowone else can stop us we are better than any race and if ne1 has a problem then mess with us. WHITE POWER

-Posted by WhitePowah21 at 5:32 PM on 9/11/05



This is Dave, our top news reporter!

The only news you'll need to know for the Ku Klux Klan, Updated 24/7 Updated whenever the hell I feel like it.

Someone slashed our tires!!!

We're really angry about this. I can't believe someone would be so insensitive about another person's feelings that they would purposely destroy one of their posessions. If you are reading this sir, I hope you had your nice laugh. I bet it was one of those nigger fucking faggots, or the Catholics on one of their fucking "Crusades." Well, sir, if you are reading this, know that the KKK will not back down. We shall don our glorious white knight suits and take to the streets, crusading for the cause of whites like us all over America!! We shall slash the tires (and throats) of every nigger fucking faggot we come across!

-Posted by The Ku Klux Krew at 2/8/06

Comments: (3)

13 December 2006

i like to kill lotsa non-white pepol!

2 August 2006 17:01

lol noobfags

14 August 2006 13:08

Fucking niggers


Th heyleyroy

That's right friends, the Ku Klux Klub wants you!

Hello fellow Crusaders! We are on a mission to spread our teachings to people across the United States from Seattle to NYC, so look for us in these major cities!

  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Las Vegas
  • Santa Fe
  • Houston
  • New Orleans
  • Memphis
  • Atlanta
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington D.C.
  • New York City

-Posted by Dave at 8:24 PM on 3/12/06

Comments: (4)

12 March 2006 14:59

you guys are fucking idiots.. fuck off

14 March 2006 19:23

^yea i agree u guys are so raist, who wud evar listen to u exept fr STOOPID RACIST NAZI PEPLE!!!!!11!

30 March 2006 4:02

KKK Pwnz the J00z dood! anybody who h8s whites can fuck off for the blacks, go suck up to your nig masters


1 April 2006 5:02

cool! 2 bad i cant c u guys. if u all ever stop by in topeaka, let me no, and we can grab a beer at a gentleman's club, and talk about how much we hate fags and niggers!

We gonna kill the pope!


We'll show that dumb ol' pope who's boss!

It's official, We at the Ku Klux Klan have determined that the pope is the threat to our domination. According to our research department we found out that the pope is a Catholic figure who was conjured up by God to make up a religion that worships him and gives him his almighty powers, The pope must exist in order for the religion to exist and the Ku Klux Klan hates all existence of Catholicism. So we came up with a plan that involved a guy who knows Christianity to take over for the pope. For that to happen, we need to kill the pope. We are currently triangulating his location but we all know that he'll be on a balcony spreading his Catholic propaganda everywhere. Once the check clears and we get our sniper rifle, we can take out the pope and replace him with the Ku Klux Klan therefore taking out the Catholic Church. WE ARE GENIUSES!!!

-Posted by Dave at 4:15 AM on 5/24/06

Comments: (6)

24 May 2006 8:19

This is really gay. I mean seriously, you're gonna try to kill the pope? Fucking dumbasses

25 May 2006 12:02

^ fuck u. the kkk arnt fags. ur just jelous cuz u no they r cooler then u.

25 May 2006 15:02

Yea! kill the fukin pope lolol!!11 that fukin retart is, like, the king of teh infidels roflcoptrz can i help? ;)

25 May 2006 15:52

go kkk! i <3 u osama!!1 yes teh pope deservez to die i hope he burns in hell for all eternity lolol!!1 o and stfu thisisgay i think ur the gey one ololol


well said, darling! after all, only white bitches like u r gd in BED!!!

28 May 2006 23:41


2 June 2006 9:30

Wow, you guys are still around. I'm afraid of you going to Italy. Not because I'm afraid of you killing the pope, I'm afraid of the Pope killing you. Have a nice day dying.

Our headquarters is going to be featured on MTV Cribs

Yes, Finally. MTV has finally responded to one of our letters and they're going to feature our HQ. This is so great, MTV finally has the chance to see how great our organization can be. In fact they're going to take a look at our Control Room, The Living Room, The Interrogation Room, and the freaking awesome Hot Tub!!!. So in short, Our headquarters are teh bomb and you better watch us on MTV or we will hunt you down and kill you.

-Posted by GodHatesFags at 1:04 AM on 9/3/06

Comments: (4)

James P.
3 September 2006 4:27

If you guys say that you are the doing the word of GOD why do you kill and discriminate. God treats all as equal, and in the ten commandments it says thou shall not kill. You guys are screwed in the head by the Devil and need to repent before you open your eyes in hell!!

-James P.

Fred Phelps
5 September 2006 10:47

ahahaha its Fag Phelps lol hows Teh Church of Fag ololol

5 September 2006 12:02

Stfu both of you this is a big thing for us and the KKK so we dont be assholes bout it k? the kkk is cool u guys not.

5 September 2006 10:56

^ Hey Fred! How's it going my nigga? Wanna make some loving tonight?

We're going to endorce an elementry-school

Our life dreams of teaching children are finally coming true. Just like the christians, We have been contacted by Someguy Elementry School from Kansas and they've offered us like $25,000 to endorce their school. We, not being the chumps we are, took the money and officially endorced their school. We can now teach kids about the glory of white power, killing racism, and killing people from religions like jews and gays.

-Posted by Grand Dragon at 8:57 AM on 12/15/06

Comments: (8)

15 December 2006 12:53

I'm not going to send my kid to a school being endorced by the Ku Klux Klan, Why would I want my son learning about this stuff, I want him to be a smarter boy.

18 December 2006 11:03

I Will butt-rape the grand dragon of the kkk

5 September 2006 12:02

^ cool. tell me how it gos k?

5 September 2006 12:02

^ did it go good? i wod luv to do that 2!

18 December 2006 12:09


18 December 2006 12:09


18 December 2006 12:10


(more penis here)
KKK blue googly eyes
18 December 2006 12:09

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Why you should join the Ku Klux Klan?

You get a free white uniform with a mask that looks like a dunce cap, You also get free money towards college or anything you might want. We'll even give you a free copy of World of Warcraft we bought with our own money. Please just join us and rid the world of stoopid ape niggers and pussy Cathaholics.

In fact, We'll also give you a free sports watch and digital camera complete with pamphlets about us and a *free* copy of America's Klan. The first game ever produced by an organization. In this game you get to kill immigrants, kill gays and burn crosses in the name of God so what do you say, Join our Klan Hmmmmm...???

Tell you what, We'll also give you a list of all available Catholics, Jews, Commies and Gays out there, In fact. We'll even give you full access to our database, Hmmm... Doesn't that sound like fun, Killing Catholics, Jews, niggers and Gays Hmmmm...???

-Posted by HitlerRulez at 5:32 PM on 9/11/05

What do you guys do?

Klan confrontation

One of our armies in a "gangfight".

Well it's simple. With a very simple mathematical formula, We figured out that the world has been in turmoil since the beginning of the universe which created God, and therefore a second figure called the Devil came and created Catholics, Jews, niggers, Gays and Commies, Therefore religions like Christianity were created to combat the religions of the Devil. Somehow that didn't work, and these things grew out of proportion. Therefore, we as a nation must destroy everything the Devil made, and make the world pure. Commie living in the US? We move him. Jew living in the US? We burn his house down. Gays? Well we just plain kill them. Niggers? Lynch! Lynch! Lynch! Immigrants? GTFO of our state illegals! Sounds fun right? Well just wait 'til you get your own torch complete with free flame.

To do this, we march, burn crosses in holy testimony, and get in "gangfights" with black people. We may or may not win but the point is that we are an organization that has disbelief in everything. By doing these things, We can complete our mission and we can prove that we're better than you.

-Posted by HitlerRulez at 5:32 PM on 9/11/05

Our propaganda satellite will fly.

We have big news about our big flight into space! We are cooperating with NASA to build a propaganda blasting satellite with the messages telling everyone to join the US Army. The satellite will be able to broadcast 20 simultaneous subliminal messages, and orbit the world in half-a-day. Once it's done, We're going to reconfigure it to broadcast "Join Ku Klux Klan" and make it so that getting it into your head is a priority. So much so that it might give you a tumor. We at the Ku Klux Klan are hoping that this will raise our numbers.

-Posted by Dave at 9:02 AM on 9/30/05



We at the Ku Klux Klan have composed a plan to eliminate all races of culture making us superior. I know the name of the plan may refer to an Arrested Development episode but the plan is called White Power, and here's how it works.


According to our scientists, We figure that 25% of the world is occupied by blacks, 17% by Jews, 5% by Asians, 27% by Christans and 17% by immigrants, right? But with our 5,000 numbers and the Anti-Nigger Device, we can send our klan members to each country and kill off every other race*. There may be casualties, So what? As long as we remain the superior race, we whites will never have to live with any other race again.

(*except christans, we love christans and we work for christans. In fact, God is our boss.)

-Posted by Grand Dragon at 3:59 AM on 11/17/05

Random Poll

Which organization would you rather join?

The poll was created at 00:28 on August 9, 2007, and so far 2054 people voted.

We've been interviewed!

Yes, We have been asked to participate in an interview with Mr. Blah Blahson from QRRBRBIRBEL News. We sent our crack news reporter Dave to talk to him. Below is the full interview.

Mr. Blah Blahson: On our show we have a special guest here tonight, so let us welcome out guest... Dave!

  • applause*

Dave: Hello there.

Blahson: Hi there, So guest... You got something special for us, You want to enlighten us about that?

Dave: Yes, I'm here to tell you how joining the Ku Klux Klan will change your life.


Blahson: Hold up, hold up, You're with the Ku Klux Klan?

Dave: Yes!

  *double gasp!*

Blahson: Get out!

Dave: No seriously.


Blahson: Security!

Dave: Nooo! Just hear me out!!

Blahson: We don't want to hear your lies, you propaganda spreading *censored*

Dave: Not so fast! *pulls out gun*


Blahson: He's got a gun! Call the cops!!

Dave: *Shoots Blahson* Not so fast! I'll kill you all if you don't do exactly as I say!! *Holds the crowd hostage*

Unfortunately, Dave was shot dead by the SWAT Team a mere 30 minutes after gaining the upper hand; it was said that the SWATs were happy to kill "the racist son of a bitch." That was Dave's last report. Ever.

Comments have been disabled due to all the hate mail we've been getting lately.

-Posted by Grand Dragon at 6:36 PM on 12/25/07

Comments: (0)



clcrAvkmta.jkpfo53wp9frjo;aw4;of;w/ld/lm?mkleqmfc//C ocCREG


...im back b1tchez...!!!

-Posted by zombie dave at 8:24 PM on 1/2/07

Comments: (15)

Grand dragon kkk
Grand Dragon
1 2007 8:29


1 2007 8:43


<insert name here>
1 2007 8:53

Dav3 livez!!!11! (^_^)

KKK blue googly eyes
1 2007 8:54

Im officially scared.

1 2007 8:58

^ Me too.

1 2007 8:59

fuck you haters. the kkk is cool, u guys not. so is Ke$ha! she is soooooo talented! fags arnt lol

1 2007 9:00

lol wat da fuk

1 2007 9:05

I quit.

11 2007 14:46


11 2007 10:56

^ yum!

11 2010 11:30

hello everybody.

Lol pikachu
12 2010 8:43

Pika! Pika pika chu chu chu pika! Pika pika?

12 2010 8:56

^ Tell me about it!

KKK blue googly eyes
12 2010 10:35

This is not a pokemon site. I must ask you to not change the topic of this discussion. Thank you.

Lol pikachu
12 2010 11:43

Pika! Chu! Chu! Pikkkkkkkaaaaaa!!!!!

Ku Klux Karnival!!

It has been a while, huh? Well, the reason why is because the Ku Klux Klan is going to have a carnival, that is going on tour from January 18 2011, to March 8 2011!! Coming with us, are some of the world's most respected artists, like the musicians Ke$ha, Ronald McDonald, and Justin Beiber, directors Uwe Boll and Tommy Wiseau, and comedian Carrot Top!! We will be touring all across America! No niggers allowed, and must be 8 or older to come without a gaurdian. The price has not yet been decided, so stay tuned!

-Posted by Grand Dragon at 8:11 AM on 11/30/10

Comments: (22)

November 30 9:02

hell yes! i am sooooo first 2 cum! if u guys want, i can tor with u 2, cuz sum of my favrit peepols r ther! let me know! my fone number is 785) 273-0325 ps lets not hav fags cum eether. ps first

November 30 12:52

Yo! It'$ me Ke$ha! I am like $o fucking excited! Tommy Wi$eau i$ coming too! I am like $so gonna $core on that hottie there! And I am gonna bring drug$ galore!

Uwe boll finger
November 30 12:59

Hello! Zis iz Uwe Boll, and I wood just like to say zat at ze tour, I weel give all of you a sneak peak at my latest moovie! It iz called "Even Older Dogs", and it iz to be a sequel to ze great moovie "Old Dogs"! It weel be great! If you do not come, fahk you!

Shirley phelps roper
November 30 1:02

LoL! That was my hot daddy above! He was first! Take that you fags! I am coming with him too! If you great men at the KKK would like to contact me, my number is (785) 273-0277! I am single, and maybe if you are lucky, you might see my good stuff!

<insert name here>
November 30 3:11

I was going to come, until that I read the above comment....

Grand dragon kkk
Grand Dragon
November 30 5:07

Of course you Phelps can come! All of your children can too! And no fags! How many kids do you have all together btw? 65?

Shirley phelps roper
November 30 6:23

^ No! 80! And thanks! All of the Phelps will come adn preach their word! And if it is possible, can you ask Ke$ha to perform a song about how awful fags are? She is my dad's favorite singer!

November 30 7:44

Cool! Count me in! Wanna come with me Fred?

December 1 9:08

^ itsa date!

December 1 9:09

damn i cant wate to cum bitch! yous better see me first, and if not fuck u.

December 1 14:46


Beck Crying
December 1 17:28

Hello America. Thank you for reading my comment rather than doing something productive. It is an honor to be here tonight. I was about to come, until I heard that asshole Phelps is there! I hate him so much because we were once lovers, until that jerk dumped me in favor of Dick Cheney! That bastard!

December 1 19:02

^ the reeson y i dumped u is becuz if we r both guys we r fags.

December 1 19:54

^ Do not feel bad Glenn. I heard that one too. You see, me a Fred were also lovers, until he cheated on me for you. I know how it feels. Wait! Do you think we should....you know.....go out?

Beck Crying
December 2 01:24

^ Oh Satan! I love you!! <3

Shirley phelps roper
December 2 2:23

^ You fags will burn in hell!!

December 2 2:45

^ But I am already there!

December 26 19:37

^ u wanna put up a fight huh? huh? bitch! im cool and my mom nos it! u better not fuk with me! gods gonna woop ur ass! cmon man we yosed 2 b assbros but no mor i hate u now u godless sodomite. ps like my new pic?

December 27 9:30

I'm afraid that the Guest is going to come back, and say penis again.

December 27 15:08

^ Yea lol! were the fuk is he? ps i am so comin pss i see an ad of me at da botm cool i am hoter. psss wat dos ps meen?

KKK blue googly eyes
December 28 1:22

^ Stay on topic dammit!!

December 28 14:43



See what people think of our Klan!

“This organization seems like the one to prove that there is no God.”
~ Oscar Wilde

“Best. Organization. Ever!”
~ God
“Did I just say that?... no, that was the Grand Dragon farting. Suck on THAT KKK!!”
~ God
“Somebody better eliminate them before it's too late”
“I feel like I should punch him in the face and rip off his testicles”
~ John Cena
“Stay out of our lives!”
“Noooo!!! Dave died?!?! I loved him!!”
~ <insert name here>

Hear what they have to say about out Klan via our Voicemail and visit our testimonial page while your at it.

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How to join Ku Klux Klan

It's easy to join Ku Klux Klan. In fact we set up a special recruitment hotline for those who want to join Ku Klux Klan, So join us by dialing 1(900)-564-6555. Our dedicated operators will be glad to take your call. We also have a personalized email address designed to answer all your concerns so email us at kukluxklaninfo@gmail.com


Osama saddam

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