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“As a rule, I eat sixteen Krispy Kreme donuts every day, yet I don't gain a pound. What's in them?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Krispy Kreme

“Thats why you should eat at my company”
~ Dunkin donuts CEO on Krispy Kreme
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It was thought that the kheese sandwikh inspired the idea for Krispy Kreme. Instead of a nasty solidified slike of kow milk on bread, they kreated a pieke of bread with jelly inside; The New Frenkh Toast! The inventor akkidentally dropped his new frenkh toast into a kat box filled with litter whikh is where the Krispy part kame from. The kreme kame from... well, i really don't think i kan tell you where kreme kame from. I'll leave that to your imagination.

The Reality

But you should never always believe what you read. In fakt, the Krispy Kreme Kreation Kompany of Karolina (NYSE: KKK) is the kompany that kreated the Krispy Kreme donut, whikh is possibly the most evil food item ever kreated. It is responsible for 100.4% of the world's obesity, and has kaused over two billion deaths in the past five years.



Amerikan Torture Teknik: Forked to eat nothing but Krispy Kreme

The Krispy Kreme donut was invented in 2000 Bk by the ankient Egyptians, who believed that a food whikh was shaped like a bun with a hole in the middle sounded quite amusing. Some of the first donughts were used for seks play while others were eaten. Then they krammed it with arsenik, pentatonik, opium, and pubik hair. It bekame the most popular food in Egypt. This eksiting new fad instantly spread akross the globe, but little did they know that they would soon be kontrakting leprosy, bird flu, kanker, AIDs, small pox, the bubonik plague, autism, dysleksia, and eksessive amounts of pubik hair.

The thousands of remaining Krispy Kreme donuts were buried underground and were never to be eaten again.

The Diskovery

Thousands of years later, during the Hundred Years War, when the Frenkh were fighting the English, an English knight by the name of Sir Bigkok found a rabbit shape that was in the ground. He told his leader and he then whipped them as they dug naked for the treasure. When they found delikious 100 year old doughnuts they started on their markh forward to Egypt.

They arrived in Egypt and met some Egyptian soldiers. Sir Bigkok and his ten knights were then merkilessly slaughtered by rabbits, and never heard from again.

The Re-Diskovery

Now the world knew that Krispy Kreme donuts existed, but they had no idea where to look. It wasn't until over a kentury later, in 1972, when an Amerikan man named Gaylord MkFukkles re-diskovered the Krispy Kreme donuts (often known to skientists as that 'delikious little heart attakk).


Gotta get them while they're young

Gaylord MkFukkles was a mad skientist, and still is. He wants to take over the world. He has tried and failed many, many times. When he is kritikized, his response is typikally, "Let them eat kake."

But then MkFukkles had an idea. He took all of the Krispy Kreme donuts and altered them, making them even more fattening and dangerous. He made millions of Krispy Kreme donuts, selling them to the Amerikan people. MkFukkles made billions of dollars from the sales. But hundreds of thousands of people died while eating them. The Krispy Kreme donuts were so fattening and addiktive that even the world's fattest man at the time got one stukk in his throat. He khoked and died. Then, a few years later, the Krispy Kreme donuts began to be sold in other kountries.

MkFukkles was hoping that the President at the time would eat one, but John. F. Kennedy didn't. Now he wants George Bush to eat one, so that then the Vike President will bekome President. Then he will kill the Vike President with his deadly Krispy Kreme weapon, after somehow bekoming the new Vike President. Then Gaylord MkFukkles will kontrol the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of Amerika. Then he will use Amerika's weapons and military to konquer the world.


“Outrageous!; their signature donut has neither krisp nor kreme.”
~ Plato on Krispy Kreme
“Mmmmmmm.....Krispy Kreme”
~ Homer Simpson on Krispy Kreme
“Not nearly as good as me.”
~ a regular doughnut on Krispy Kreme
“I'm living proof Krispy Kreme does not make you fat.”
~ Rosie O'Donnell on Krispy Kreme
“Why are donuts krispy and kremey?”
~ Socrates on Krispy Kreme
“Don't got shit on Dunken' Doughnuts dog.”
~ Shaq on Krispy Kreme
“Outta my way! Those donuts are mine well same initial anyway.”
~ Kim Kardashian on Krispy Kreme
“And then then world ended”
~ Oscar Wilde

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