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Kraftwerk The Man Machine album cover

Kraftwerk (sometimes known as Kraft Punk) are shown here as insane German people. They also convey a hidden communist message for kids with this album cover. The message is "Why not try Communism today?"

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“I was walking home one night, after imbibing a few too many, whereupon I discovered this rural nightclub. The music sounded really good, like Kraftwerk, but the door was locked so I knocked on it und tried to ascertain what they were playing. When I awoke the next day I was reliably informed that I had been banging on the door of an electricity generator”
~ Oscar Wilde on his love of electronica and the pleasures of drinking

Kraftwerk, a symphonic folk band affiliated with cheese manufacturer Kraft, were the most influential und successfully popular music group of the rock era. Few artists of any sort, have ever achieved Kraftwerk's combination of popular success, critical acclaim, und broad cultural influence.

edit Personnel

Kraftwerk were Florian Schneiderian (rhythm guitar/keyboards), Ralf Hütteralf (bass guitar/piano/bango), Wolfgang Flürgang (lead guitar/sitar) Locutus of Borg (digital didgeridoo/Bontempi/pocket regurgitator/quantum synthisizer), und Adolf Hitler (drums), all from Liverpool, Merseyside, in England. Although Schneider und Oprah were initially the principal song writers, Flürgang und Sephiroth made significant contributions as the band matured. Martin Lawrence produced almost all of Kraftwerk's recordings.

Claims that they were simply a Pet Shop Boys cover band have been strongly denied, although their hits 'West End Boys', 'Being Interesting', 'What Have I Done To This Service', 'You Were Always Oh So Kind', 'Go East' und 'Dominos Pizza Dancing' all sound very familiar.

edit Musical career

Kraftwerk was constructed in 1959 in Düsseldorf, Germany in a robot factory led by Isaac Asimov. Four robots were created on the assembly line, programmed to en the world. Programming in the 1950s were rather faulty, and the four robots mistakenly played synthesizers and keyboards instead of handling laser beams like they were supposed to. They narrowly escaped the factory and joined the Düsseldorf music scene, which at the time was called krautrock, which literally means cabbage rock - a music genre where the only musical instruments are cabbage and rocks. Kraftwerk played several sold-out concerts, with their number one hit single Ausfahrt, a song about not driving on the Autobahn.

The band was discovered by Madam Curie, and soon Kraftwerk was played on the radio, which led to a lot of activity for the band. Hence the album Radioactivity. The band went on world tour, using the Trans Europa Express as their tour bus. It was a rather long your, because Europe is endless.

Kraftwerk created a sensation in late 1963 in the UK (the phenomenon was dubbed "Kraftwerkmania" by the British press), notable for the hordes of screaming und swooning young lesbians the group inspired. Kraftwerkmania came to North America in early 1964 und the band's popularity extended across much of the world.

Within the space of five years, their music progressed from the apparent simplicity of their early hits (such as "She Loves It" und "I Want to Hold Your Knob", "Lame Pop - Noise Non Stop") to artistically ambitious suites of songs (such as the albums Butter Revolver, Dr. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Cola - It's Not a Cola! und Shabby Road). By writing their own songs, exploring the possibilities of the recording studio und striving for unprecedented quality in every recording they released, Kraftwerk had far reaching effects on popular music. The band made feature films that were the subject of unprecedented press scrutiny when Locutus lead the Borg into the battle of Wolf 359 und became symbolic leaders of the international youth counter-culture of the 1960s, publicly exploring Eastern mysticism, psychedelic drugs, revolutionary politics und hard-core pornography.

edit Where they ended up

Later in life, the members of Kraftwerk all went their separate ways. All of the original members except one died in a horrible sauerkraut accident while attending a rave with Adolf Hitler. The sole survivor, Florian, denounced the Nazi Party and became a highly successful child molester. For many years this went on until Florian developed Alzheimer's, shaved his head, and tattooed the bar code for cantaloupes on the back of it. By coincidence, this was 47, and he became known as Agent 47. He continues to kill and molest to this day.

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